3 Reasons Australia is a Great Place for Single Guys

Australia is a perfect country for men. Young, single men in particular. There are a few reasons for this. First the girls. There are wild local ‘sheilas’, backpackers and tourists from all over the world. Australia is incredible for guys looking for outdoor adventure. Famous for its beaches, forests and cities. Another great thing about Australia is the country’s laid back party culture.

1.   The Girls

Australian girls are famous for their textbook beach bikini look. We all know the type. Blonde hair, tanned skin and tight little bodies is what Australian girls are famous for. Not only that but they have the same laid back, ‘she’ll be right’ attitude as all Australians. They love to banter and flirt and usually give as good as they get. The general attitude towards sex in Australia is very casual and if you get on with a girl you won’t have to buy her roses. Aussie girls are sexually aggressive and know what they want.

As well as local girls Australia attract beautiful tourists from around the world. It is a magnet for free spirited travellers from South America in particular. Girls from across Europe, North America and Asia are drawn to the country as well. There must be something special about the climate in Australia. It brings in the most beautiful and down to earth girls. The laid back ‘larrikin’ charm of the country makes them all relaxed and open.

2.    The Great Outdoors

Australia is a country famous for its beautiful coastline. For the absolute cream of the crop of Australian beaches you have to be on the East Coast. The beaches here are incredible for swimming, camping, fishing, long romantic walks. All the usual things. But what makes them special is being a playground for thrill seekers. Australia has some of the world’s best surf. For thousands of miles along the east coast there is epic surf beach after epic surf beach. Whether it is in a crowded city or isolated national park there is great surf everywhere. On top of that this is one of the best places on earth for scuba divers. On top of the world famous Great Barrier Reef there are hundreds of dive sites that will blow you away. Beyond this there are plenty of great spots for kitesurfing, snorkelling, free diving or any other water based adventures you might be seeking.

One aspect of Australia that tourists don’t know about is the beautiful forests. Along Australia’s East Coast there are hundreds of gorgeous National Parks. From the world famous Blue Mountains to the little known Ben Boyd. There are great spots to explore everywhere. There is dense tropical rainforest in the north, huge areas of dunes and scrub along the coast and cool subtropical woods in the south. Plenty of room for adventure here. Looking to hike, climb, canyon, camp, kayak, go rafting or anything else in the great outdoors? There is plenty of opportunity for any of that here. The backdrops will always be stunning.

3.    Parties

Australia is a country famous for parties. If you have an appetite for crazy parties and crazy girls you will love it here. The most famous and unique parties in Australia are the bush doofs. These are huge parties set out in the bush where there is no limit on what you can do. People are free to do and be who they want for a short, crazy break from the outside world. These huge parties bring in thousands of people for days of fun and debauchery. A doof is an absolute must for all red blooded tourists in Australia.

Australians party whenever they can. The culture here is great for anyone that likes letting their hair down. Expect wild weekends (or weeknights) in town. Holidays with friends miles from civilisation turn into crazy times. Australians are passionate about drinking and partying. It is a country with a relaxed and open approach to drugs. Everyone is laid back and loves to party. The culture is very permissive when it comes to casual sex and partying. This is a great country for single guys who are looking for a good time.


No two ways about it Australia is a great place to be. Best of all if you are a young single guy looking for adventure and pretty girls. There is nowhere else quite like it. On top of everything else it is easy to get to and the weather is always good. It should be every young guys first consideration

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