3 Reasons Why We’ve Seen Such A Rise In Popularity Of Staycations

Taking a well-deserved break and enjoying a bit of a holiday is something that is important for combatting the stresses of modern day life. Most of us try to squeeze in a holiday once or twice a year, and it is something that is really important to us.

But while we do tend to crave the sunshine and beaches of far-flung paradises when the British summer is underperforming, in actual fact record-breaking numbers of Brits have been choosing to holiday at home instead, opting for staycations right here in the UK.

But why has the humble staycation suddenly seen such a rise in popularity? It seems likely that there are many contributing factors, so we thought we’d take a look at three reasons why we think more and more people are choosing to explore more at home.

For financial reasons

In this economic climate more and more of us are having to save money wherever we can, and holidays are unfortunately something of a luxury item that many people can’t really afford any longer.

But just because people can’t afford to jet off somewhere exotic doesn’t mean that they don’t need a break, and luckily there is a staycation to suit every budget. Whether you head off to the other end of the country to explore somewhere you’ve never been before or you just go a few miles down the road for a camping trip, there are plenty of opportunities to take a break right here at home.

The costs of a holiday abroad do tend to spiral fairly quickly with flights, accommodation being just the start of it. There are things to consider like roaming charges, credit card fees, transport, and of course having to buy food.

While there are still plenty of costs with a staycation, you can do plenty to cut costs such as bringing your own food or staying with friends and family members.

Lower carbon footprint

These days the state of our climate is of huge concern, with climate change wreaking havoc on glaciers and ice caps, and extreme weather showing us just how much our actions over the past few decades have damaged the world we live in.

As a result, more and more of us are becoming more environmentally conscious and trying to do our bit as individuals to minimise our own carbon footprint. Where it’s consuming less plastic, insulating our homes better or avoiding flying so often there are many steps we can all take to look after the environment a little bit better.

Britain has so much to offer

We may take where we live for granted at times, but the British Isles really do have so much to offer us in terms of natural beauty, and there is so much to be explored. We also have a great deal of history, as well as bustling cities, so there is something for everybody to enjoy and staycation options to suit all interests.

If you fancy a beach holiday, the beaches of Cornwall could rival somewhere far more exotic on a hot summer’s day (and while it may not always seem like it, we definitely have been getting our fair share of hot weather in recent years).

The Lake District, Peak District, Scottish Highlands, and other national parks have plenty to offer for lovers of the great outdoors and hiking enthusiasts, and a trip to the capital or another city offer a change of scenery to those who love a good city break.

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