5 Alternative Benefits of Playing Netball

Whilst many of us are well aware of the most common benefits of playing netball, there a few that you may be yet to learn, and luckily for you we are here today to convince you to dust of your trainers and head for the pitch, sharing 5 of the more alternative advantages that the sport has to offer!

Here goes…

Netball legs –

It does not matter how many hours you rack up in the gym or how amazing your squatting/lunges/burpees routine is, until you have run, jumped, star-jumped and sprinter around a full-size court unrelenting for a full hour week in week out, you are yet to see your legs in their full sculpted glory until you have played netball. Not to mention what it can do for our glutes. If you are looking to tone up and get the legs that you have always wanted, joining a netball team could definitely work in your favor.

The pub –

It is no secret the netball teams are amongst the most easily persuaded teams when it comes to wanting to go to the pub for a drink after a game, especially on match days. Whether you enjoy a tipple and are looking for a sport where you can exercise and drink wine or are simply looking for a sport that is combined with socializing at optimal levels, netball is for you.

Netball tours

Netball is one of the most popular sports when in terms of touring, with many netball teams in England traveling around the UK and abroad to participate in netball festivals and tournaments every year. Netball tours allow people to play their favourite sports whilst seeing the world’s best attractions, which is perfect for those that are looking to live their lives to the fullest.

Mates –

Teammates are the absolute best type of friends. If you are looking for friends that you can play netball with, go to the pub with, travel with, win with, sing with, laugh with and grow together, joining a netball team would definitely be a good place for you to start.

More food –

It goes without saying that when playing netball, you burn calories, and it is important to keep your energy levels up, therefore you can eat for! When playing netball, you can reward yourself with puddings and treat yourself to those calorific deserts that you have always felt too guilty to indulge in.

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