5 Must Haves for a Photography Expedition

Photography is an amazing way to travel to new places and improve your skills set while taking unique photos.

Traveling to a new location has unprecedented advantages to your overall creative process, it boils down to its unique experience and what it means as a cultural exchange and immersion.

Here are 5 super easy and hands-on gear suggestions to consider while you prepare for a photography tour.

1. Always consider packing as the crucial aspect of your trip planning. I always suggest to pack accordingly, and by this, I mean to evaluate the type of photography you’re intending to do. There are numerous types of photography styles and categories. Many focus on landscape, environmental, portrait and cultural. Make sure you’re comfortable with your gear selection and that is organized accordingly. Keep this in mind. If you’re interested in landscape photography, make sure you include a wide angle lens and some telephoto. Make sure you carry enough juice (batteries) to last you for the entire day.

2. I attended a photography workshop lecture where the speaker, a well-known travel photographer that claims to have visited over 100 countries, was a strong supporter of classic photography vest. The multitude of pockets and options made it, as he claims, an ideal companion to carry small items (think about a spare battery, replacing a memory card and not losing more lens caps!) This has its advantages, never miss a shot because of your bag!

3. Once, I visited a hotel room where only a single electrical outlet was available. This can be an unfortunate experience regardless of where you go. It’s most unfortunate with our gadgets and cameras hungry power demands. Not every destination is the same, you might find that electricity is not always very reliable. I do Patagonia photography and not every shelter and camping ground has lots of energy to share. Most of them run on solar panels that maintain the campgrounds and provide no energy during the night.

4. Photo backups should be a daily priority. That’s always a must for the traveling photographer. Packing a second pair of cables and a memory reader always gives you a piece of mind. You don’t want to find yourself in a remote location where no electronic replacements can be purchased. Don’t waste sleep worrying about the well-being of your photos. You don’t want to risk all your work with a corrupt failing memory card. Backup everything daily, preferably at the end of each day.

5. If you use speed lights or light meters, or perhaps an alternative electronic device that uses batteries, make sure you have enough energy to spare during your trip. Once again, you don’t want to be in a remote place without being able to use your equipment. The same one that you have been hauling since you left home.

It doesn’t matter where you travel. Packing, planning and doing your homework accordingly will provide an invaluable advantage to your photos.

Safe journey and may you take incredible photos

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