6 Tips to Follow When Taking Your Dog on a Road Trip

These days, more and more people are choosing to travel with their dogs. Whether you’re taking your dog on a short road trip in your Used Peugeot 108 or planning a longer trip across the country, you should plan for your dog travel to ensure a smooth and safe trip for both you and your pooch.

Although taking your dog on a road trip can be an exciting and memorable experience for you and your furry friend, it comes with its own challenges. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of top 6 tips to follow when taking your dog on a road trip:

1. See Your Vet First

If Fido learns to associate adventures with vet visits, he might not be so enthusiastic about traveling. However, it is strongly recommended to give your dog a check-up before you set out.

Not only will your veterinarian ensure your dog is fit enough for the adventure, but he might prescribe some dog sedatives to prevent travel anxiety and car sickness. Also, get a copy of your pup’s vaccination records, just in case they are required at any hotel you visit.

2. Get Your Dog Micro-Chipped

No matter where you are going, make sure that your dog is wearing an identification tag. The tag will serve as your dog’s cell phone and can be a great way to help ensure your dog is returned home to you in case he strays and gets lost on the way.

3. Plan Your Dog’s Feeding Schedule Early

During your road trip, your dog’s normal feeding schedule can be interrupted. Therefore, plan your dog’s feeding schedule before you leave. Make sure your stops are based on your dog’s usual feeding hours to help maintain the same feeding schedule.

While reducing your pup’s water consumption can help you avoid accidents in the vehicle, you don’t want him to get dehydrated when you are traveling on longer trips. Therefore, make sure you carry enough water with you and plan for numerous potty breaks. Moreover, don’t try to change your pup’s food just before you set out. Travelling can be stomach-wrecking so plan to give them what they are used to before you leave.

4. Take a Test Run

Determine whether or not your dog enjoys traveling by car before taking him on a long trip. A car-sick dog will certainly make the tour miserable for you and your loved ones. If your pet is susceptible to carsickness, your vet should give you advice on how to make your dog’s trip more enjoyable.

Take shorter road trips with your dog first to get him used to car travel. A trial run or two can help him get used to the automobile and enable you to determine whether traveling for long distances would be ideal for both you and your pet. This groundwork will help give you peace of mind, as well.

5. Pack Up

Carry familiar food and treats to ensure your dog has a comfortable ride. Bring a few dog toys, food dishes along with plenty of food to last the entire trip, as well as any other items your pet uses, including his favorite pillow. You will also need a leash, a collar, waste bags and any prescribed medications.

6. Plan for Regular Stops

It is easy to get comfortable while on the road and forget to give both you and your dog regular breaks. That is particularly the case if you are excited about visiting a new place or you are short of time, but failure to take regular breaks is not recommended for both you and your dog.

Both of you can suffer cramps if you stay in the same position for too long. Therefore, it is important to stop and refresh before continuing your journey.

Also, never leave your dog alone in a parked car. On a hot day, a parked car can suddenly become a furnace and cause heatstroke. In cold conditions, a vehicle can become too cold in no time, causing the pet to freeze to his death.

Now that you are equipped with the tips to follow when taking your dog on a road trip, it’s time to make informed decisions to ensure a smooth and safe trip for both you and your furry companion. For more tips on dog training advice, visit this blog. Happy travels!

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