7 Less-known facts about the Hungarian capital – Budapest

If you are planning your next weekend getaway and you are tight with the budget, you might have to choose Budapest – an amazing combo of architecture, dramatic bridges, beautiful parks, and a rich nightlife.

Are you already interested? Then, let us save you the time of searching for information about the Hungarian capital – all you need to read and know is here.

Also, we found 7 less-known (fun) facts about Budapest we are dying to share with you. So let’s dig in!

1. The name of the city Budapest was given in 1873 when two smaller towns – Buda and Pesta were united in one single city.

2. The oldest subway line in continental Europe was found in the Hungarian capital in 1896.

3. Moreover, the oldest zoo in the world is also in Budapest. It was opened in 1865 and today it features not just the zoo but also various buildings that present architectural masterpieces (such as Elephant house, the Palm building, and others).

4. Speaking of national pride, the Great Synagogue in Budapest is the second biggest one in the world after the one in New York.

5. Do you know that the so loved paprika powder is originated from Hungary and it is the most commonly used ingredient in the local cuisine? You can buy a pack of paprika powder in every shop in Budapest!

6. You should carefully choose the right time of the year for your visit as Budapest experiences a tremendous difference in the temperatures (from -25 degrees in the winter to 45 degrees in the summer?!!)

7. As Budapest brags with more thermal pools than any other capital around the globe, the local people call it “the thermal capital of the world”. Besides, some of the public baths and spas are housed in grandiose buildings remaining for an old era.

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