A Comprehensive Guide for climbing Kilimanjaro: The highest Mountain in Africa

Mount Kilimanjaro is located in the Kilimanjaro National Park of Tanzania. The gigantic Kilimanjaro is renowned for its snow-capped beauty. Climbing Kilimanjaro can be difficult for some people, but if they plan well and follow the instructions of their guides, then they can ascend the mountain quickly.

Here are some steps that the people should follow while climbing Kilimanjaro:

Prior Preparation:

If you want to reach the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, then you should prepare yourself physically as well as mentally. Hiking to Kilimanjaro is not an easy feat. Therefore, you may require a fitness training to gear up for the ascent. The hikers need to be careful of the dangers of the mountain. They also need to be well-prepared for the health issues on their way to the mountain.

Route Maps:

They should always carry route maps along with them so that they do not lose their way. It is important to go slow because your body is functioning at a high altitude. Going fast may cause altitude sickness. At high altitude, there is less oxygen to breathe so slowing down helps your body to relax. Move at your own pace and rest adequately so that your body can keep up with the climb.


It is essential to keep your body hydrated, so you need to drink a lot of water. Store your water in such a container which is accessible to you even when you are climbing Kilimanjaro. You should drink a minimum of three liters of water every day. Ensure that your water intake is adequate. Since Diarrhea is common at high altitude, you should also take proper quantities of hydration salts so that your body stays hydrated.

Correct Gear:

It is essential for you to choose the right equipment for yourself. Pick the right clothes, and ensure that you have climbing boots that fit you properly. You should also pack warm clothes so that you do not feel cold while climbing. You should pack a warm gear, a down jacket, and hand warmers to keep you warm. You should also carry sunscreen and sunburn and torches if you intend to spend a night at Kilimanjaro. Ensure that you have a safety kit along with you at all times.

Climbing Kilimanjaro requires sheer determination and will. Knowing what lies ahead of you and being well-prepared shall make your ascent easy. Let the myth and folklore of Mount Kilimanjaro entice you to the core. The magnificence of the mountain shall leave you mesmerized.

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