A perfect tour to Bhutan

There is something exciting about Bhutan, it is a simple but mesmerizing land that can touch your soul and can mend your broken heart. Its breathtaking views, salubrious climate, and majestic monasteries define the beauty of this country in its purest form. Exploring and visiting this country can be a great experience. You can travel to Bhutan from India by air, by rail, or by road. Flying from India is easy. Mainly there are two airlines that goes to Bhutan directly, and they are; Bhutan Airlines and Drukair Airlines that operate from Gaya, Delhi, Kolkata, Bagdogra, Guwahati, Mumbai to Paro, the only international airport of Bhutan.

You can also travel by train from Calcutta or Delhi to Hasimara. Jaigaon is the nearest railway station to Hasimara. Another way of entering Bhutan is by road from Jaigoan town, situated in West Bengal. It is just 4.3 kilometres from Bhutan’s order, Phuentsholing. Private cabs commute and people traveling to Bhutan can even get down at Bagdogra or at New Jalpaiguri. Travelers who get down at New Jalpaiguri or Bagdogra can use cab services too. Bagdogra airport has prepaid taxis too. Regardless of the mode of transport, you choose to travel from India to Bhutan you have to calculate travel cost to Bhutan beforehand.

Best way to travel Bhutan

The are two ways to reach Bhutan, one is for the budget travelers and another one is for the travelers. The budget travelers can take a flight and get down at Bagdogra. From there, you may hire a cab to Phuentsholing. Prior to booking a Bagdogra flight, you should check the flight to Drukair for comparison. If you get a good deal with a Bhutanese Airline, you can book tickets without thinking too much. For the other travelers, one of the best ways to Bhutan travel is by taking direct Paro flight. It will take around two and a half hours to reach Paro from Delhi. If you take a flight from Bagdogra, flying time becomes minimum though Bhutan travel cost may vary.

Documents needed

Citizens of all countries except Bangladesh and India need VISA to enter Bhutan. VISA must be applied 30 days prior to your visit to Bhutan. Additionally, you need route permit to enter Bhutan. Route permit is provided by the Immigration Office at Thimpu. You need to carry either Indian currency or Bhutan’s currency. Both these currencies are accepted easily in Bhutan. Always travel with MASTERCARD and not Credit Card or VISA.

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