A Quick Guide to Better Whale Shark and Canyoneering

Cebu is a place that is rich with a lot of beauties under water. Cebu is just a one day tour that you would love to go for, but there are just millions of memories that you would be making. Whale shark and Canyoneering are nothing but two special adventure and also, a little of memorable thing that a tourist is always advised to do. If you have always loved watching sharks or even swimming with them, this is the one thing you MUST try out in Cebu.

Whale Shark Watching and Swimming Tips:

Whale shark watching is just one thing that people love doing if they are vacationing in Cebu. Watch the whales live out their normal chores of the day, while you have a sip of win sitting on a rock or a hilltop. The whale shark watching can be done best somewhere near the waterfalls. Cebu waterfalls are pretty much famous for giving completely astounding views to the tourists who visit anticipating splendid scenes of whales and sharks.

The white sand beaches are another tourist attraction spots that have been attracting people since times immemorial. The beaches and the amazing scenery bordering the white beach and the white sands hold a lot of whale sharks in the water bodies. The whale sharks give a proper view to the tourists, once a day and it is, therefore, important that you know when exactly they come out to show you what they exactly are.

Apart from the whale shark watching, swimming with the whale shark is another concept that is there up with the tourists. Many agencies and travel companies provide full coverage including swimming with the whale sharks. Of course, that is risky; but the tour company makes sure the safety and the precautions needed for the same have been attended to, which is included in the whale shark canyoneering tour package. Oslob is an island in Cebu that is rich with the tourists swimming along with the whale sharks. For many sea fans, it is a desire to swimming with whale sharks. These large whales and sharks swimming smoothly, as massive arks, in the rich waters of Oslob. Many individuals fly to Cebu to go to Oslob for this whale shark encounter. It is a little bit a vacationer fascination, but however a very exclusive encounter. The whale sharks developed a new type of journey and leisure, where individuals are able to experience swimming with these unique water animals.

Canyoneering is that fun of jumping and diving up deep in the waters of islands that go to new depths beneath. Probably the most well-known tourist spot at Cebu. Kawasan Falls is amazingly wonderful.

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