An Ultimate Guide to Kayaking the Florida Keys

The Florida Keys are located at the junction of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, which represent an awesome location for kayaking. It is an ideal playground for paddlers of the stripes. In an article, we have discussed a complete guide for kayaking in Florida. Florida Paradise Coast has beautiful out-door attention, kayaking is the best to explore the unmatched beauty of wildlife like mangrove swamps, manatees, dolphins, alligators and numerous other wildlife species. After learning basic strokes you can buy or rent the best tandem kayak and for the adventurous excursion.

Top places of Kayaking in Florida.

There are numerous places in Florida, where you can enjoy kayaking and here we have shorted five of them.

1. The Juniper Run, Ocala National Forest:

It is one of a great spot of paddle junkies which offers to enjoy and refresh yourself with a natural water source.

2. Weeki Wachee Spring, Weeki Wachee:

The spring has some of the clearest water in Florida and you even spot a manatee or an otter during paddling.

3. The Silver Springs State Park, Silver Springs:

This spring has a beautiful historic attraction with unique birds and wildlife.

4. Rainbow River:

It offers awestruck sightseeing and you can get to see numerous fishes, turtles, otters, and alligators etc.

5. Cedar Key:

It is one of the top-notch paddling spots and offers beautiful landscapes with stunning island, sea life, and refreshing winds.

Which Kayak to Choose

If you are looking for fun and adventure with your friends and family, then tandem can be best for your kayaking. It also has a higher weight limit then those of single kayaks. Tandem kayak can take up to 600 pounds. Two persons on kayak are very stable and safe to paddle, so choose the best tandem kayak to unlock the beauty of kayaking the Florida Keys.

Best time for kayaking

Kayaking in Florida can be best experienced in October to March because it offers warm weather and fitted with an ecosystem. Peak season is also good for visiting. If you visit at peak season then better to book your hotel rooms for a couple of months, because the waterfront hotels can be filled with lots of campsites. Paddling can be safe by early afternoon, so try to get off by early afternoon unless you are not an expert kayaker.

Tips for Kayaking in Florida

Before going paddling, get yourself prepared with proper clothing that is suitable for weather and temperature, wear light-weighted clothes because cannot be distracting when wet from water. Rent or choose the right kayak which can be best fitted with your length, height, and weight. And if you are choosing a tandem kayak, then choose light-weighted kayak to enjoy to the fullest. Rent the best tandem kayak for your paddling to experience the best out of it. Make sure life vest and gears that can help in case of emergency.

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