Summer is here! Have you booked your holiday yet or are you still debating the details? If you are still in the planning stages your likely buried under options – where to go, where to stay, what to do; there’s no end of decisions to make. But, one you may not have considered is booking yourself a holiday home. Often, they can seem like the riskier option, but they offer considerable benefits over hotels and, with RentalCloud, it couldn’t be easier or safer. We verify all our properties so you can trust you’re getting what you expect, you can communicate directly with the owners, and we don’t charge booking fees. But, check out our website to see for yourself or contact us if you have any questions – we’re always happy to help.

If your still not convinced, here are a few more reasons why you should book a holiday home over a hotel.

You get more space

Think about it, would you rather be confined to a small hotel room or have the run of your own apartment? With a holiday home, you get as many bedrooms as you require, access to a kitchen and lounge and maybe even an outdoor area. It’s a home away from home.

You get more privacy

While it can be nice to have your hotel room cleaned every day, do you really want people coming in and out of your room? In a holiday home, you have more privacy to use your property as and when you want without the worry of distractions. You don’t have strangers in the room next door and can eat breakfast alone in your pajamas if you wish – it’s your adventure, and in a holiday home you can enjoy it your way.

You can live like a local

Hotels have a very managed feel about them, and you’re surrounded by other holidaymakers, maybe even from the same town as you! In a holiday home, you can get out of the hotel bubble and experience life as a local. You’ll get a more authentic experience, opportunities to get off the tourist trail and often tips and advice from owners only too happy to share their area with you.

You can save money and eat well

Yes, it’s nice to eat out on holiday and be waited on, but sometimes you just want to eat in. With a holiday home, what and when you eat is entirely in your hands. You have access to a full kitchen so can save money and cook yourself a meal or you can go and experience local delicacies in a restaurant of your choice.

They are great for groups and kids

Holidaying as group or family can involve booking multiple hotel rooms, which is expensive and divisive. With a holiday home, though, you can all stay together. Everyone can still benefit from the privacy of their own room, but the communal areas enable you all to get together in comfort – it’s homely and sociable. It’s also far easier to entertain children in a house than a hotel room!

You get access to better facilities

From parking to WiFi and washing machines, holiday homes have better facilities, so again you have flexibility and more money saving opportunities.

Book your holiday home now

RentalCloud has holiday homes all over the world, and if you’re looking for a last minute deal, you can get amazing rates with our auction facility that enables owners to auction off unsold weeks. Take a look at our website and book your next adventure now!

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