Not Sure which is the best Credit Card with Lounge Access? Use these Top 5 Factors to Help You Pick the Best One!

Looking for the best credits cards that get you complimentary access to the best airport lounges? Check out this guide that helps you choose the right credit card, from the dozens of options available on the market.

If you’re a frequent traveler, then you would appreciate the fine comforts of having an airport lounge at your disposal. There’s nothing as peaceful and relaxing as waiting in comfortable chairs in a lounge in-between connections.

Airport lounges today have come a long way. Hot meals, open bars, showers, sleep pods, comfortable desks, chairs and sofas and even relaxing massages – the lounge is the perfect way to stretch your tired muscles while flying.

Did you know that you can gain free lounge access just by having specific credit cards? Yes, some of the premier credit cards in India offer free lounge access to the cardholder.

Coming to the big question, how do you pick the right credit card that gives you airport lounge access? This is what; today’s article is all about. Continue reading to know the factors to consider while evaluating and choosing lounge access credit cards.

1. List of Lounges & Lounge Location

This is a big deciding factor. It’s no use having a credit card that offers you lounge access in airports where you don’t usually fly from. While evaluating credit cards, make sure to take a careful look at the number of lounges and the location of the lounges, where the card provides you complimentary access.

A few credit cards give you complimentary access to Priority Pass lounges (the biggest lounge network in the world), while others give you access to specific lounges in domestic and international airports.

Consider your regular travel schedule and pick the card that offers you the most lounge access, based on your travels.

2. Number of People who Get Access

A few credit cards provide complimentary lounge access, only to the cardholder, while others allow the cardholder to bring in a few guests to the lounge. Both, these card categories suit different types of travellers.

For instance, if you’re a business traveller, who frequently travels alone, then having a credit card that allows lounge access, only for the cardholder will work out better for you. On the other hand, if you’re a leisure traveller, who travels with friends and family, look for credit cards that let you bring guests into the lounge.

3. Other Perks and Benefits

Very often, while people search for credit cards that get them complimentary lounge access, they fail to consider the value of the other perks and benefits offered by the card. Some common benefits include – priority boarding and luggage, special check-in counters to skip queues, free airport transfers, free/paid upgrades and more.

4. Annual Fees

Most people falsely assume that credit cards with no annual fees are the best way to go. However, the best credit cards with lounge access often charge annual fees. However, the perks and benefits provided by the card are worth more than the annual fee.

So, while evaluating credit cards, don’t blindly reject ones that come with an annual fee. Make sure to check out the overall benefits offered by the card.

5. Air Miles Acquisition

If you’re a frequent flier, then it makes sense to pick a credit card that lets you earn reward air miles for every rupee you spend using the card. You can then use your acquired miles for free flight ticket redemptions. Most airline co-branded cards offer complimentary lounge access at some of the best airport lounges.

Having complimentary lounge access is a great way to reduce the pains of frequent flying. Make sure to use these criteria listed here to pick the right card that gets you into the best lounges in India and around the world.

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