Best kitesurfing holidays at Margarita Kite school in Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka

The village of Kalpitiya may be considered an unusual travel destinations and outside of the international tourist ciran unusual travel destination exciting travel experience, especially if you like kitesurfing and if you are looking for authentic and uncontaminated places where you can sight dolphins or whales. Let’s see then all you need to know about Kalpitiya for a kitesurfing holiday to remember!

How to get to Kalpitiya

Kalpitiya is a fishing village located on the north end of the peninsula of the same name and is about 140 km from the Bandaranaike International Airport. The best way to get to Kalpitiya is by bus or buy car. The ride takes around 3 hours.    Getting around You can rely on public transportation or, for a quicker and more independent experience you can rely on tuk-tuks or by renting a car, bike, van. This option is amazing to get around in freely and to save money and time. If you want to try this latest option rent the vehicle at the airport where you can find many solutions and more reliable companies.

What to visit in Kalipitya

Yes, kitesurfing is the main activity in Kalipitya but there is so much more to explore and experience in this area! The main reason that drives some madmen to get to Kalpitiya is above all the nature that is really really untouched. Throughout Sri Lanka it is easy to spot, and meet everywhere, elephants, at the edge of the road and free in nature. And then varans, snakes, birds, bats, flying foxes, monkeys and animals of all kinds. But the main attraction of this place is the best and most fascinating. In a few places in the world it is always on sale in a 6-8-seat day and soon you find yourself surrounded by reefs and whales just a few meters away. An indescribable show! Besides that it’s so easy to full immerse into the local culture strolling around fish markets, connecting with the locals, trying local street food like egg roti or Kottu

By the sea the landscape is spectacular! On the left the blue of the Indian ocean interrupted by the tumultuous roar of the waves crashing on the white sand shoreline; on the right the crystalline green of the waters inside the bay as flat as a glass plate; in front of us India and behind us a marshy area with coconut palms and mangroves.

Learn how to kitesurf with us!

Kalpitiya is one of the best spot where to learn how to kitesurf! In Margarita kite school we offer customizable offers for lessons at every level and need always in the name of safety and professionalism thanks to our certified IKO instructors. At the end of your lessons you will get an IKO Kiteboarder Card that will enable you to rent and use kitesurfing gear anywhere in the world! Plus, choosing one of our packages you will have all you need to get started such as the equipment, the lessons and we take care of transportation as well! If you want to take your holiday to the other level you can choose one of the many options we offer: you can choose to enjoy a single lesson, to stay with us for a few days and even to widen your experience with some tour of Kalpitiya and its surroundings! Some of the places we visit with our tours? Downwind trip Dream spot -Wilpattu National Park, Vella Island day trip, Kite trip to Kappaladi lagoon or Donkey point. Learn more here!

Margarita Village: The best option where to stay: our accommodations for a relaxed complete experience

Finding a great place to stay could be tricky in this area. This is the reason why we decided to create perfect accommodation for our guests. Our beautiful villa has 3 bedrooms, one equipped with a kitchen and a refrigerator for an independent stay and chalets. The style is unique and you can easily enjoy some comfort while focusing on the local beauty and our daily lessons. You will have the perfect combination of learning, relaxing and connecting with the authentic vibes of the Kalpitiya and many other extra services. Besides offering great extra tours, interesting packages for newbies and experienced kite surfers and amazing places where to stay our Margarita Shark Bar offers local and international food with delicious typical Sri Lankan rice & curry, grilled fish, grilled chicken, salads, pasta, and more. Staying with us you will have everything you need for a relaxed and amazing kitesurfing holiday! Focus on what really matters to you, we take care of all the rest!

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