Consequences of the Chernobyl disaster for Ukraine and the World

The April news about a large-scale nuclear catastrophe in Ukraine with lightning speed flew around the world. At that time, this event was considered the biggest accident for the entire time of the atomic industry. In the aftermath of the explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, emissions of radioactive substances reached 1.5 meters in height. Winds with rapid speed began to spread an infection to the northern most Europe. On the day of the tragedy, the infected streams traveled through such countries as:

  • Poland
  • Czechoslovakia
  • Austria

Echoes from this terrible event in the literal and figurative sense have visited every corner of the Earth. Every city, courtyard, and family experienced the terrible consequences of this accident.

Affected areas and number of Victims of the Tragedy

The most affected were nearby territories, which were in the epicenter of the explosion. Due to the level of disaster power, some Ukrainian and Belarusian cities had to be evacuated immediately because of the total spread of radiation. Iodine, strontium, and cesium played a key role in the spread of contaminated particles. These chemical compounds are dangerous, because of their long process of decay, and therefore at least 30 years, they can adversely affect the human body. Even more dangerous in this respect are the isotopes of plutonium and americium, the duration of the destruction of which can last up to several millennia!

The most affected in the accident is officially considered to be firefighters and nuclear liquidators. Since they were at a close distance from the source of radiation, the doses of their irradiation were fatal. The dead were made to be poured with concrete in order to minimize the risks of further radiation. Most of the accident affected the neighboring town of Pripyat. It is currently abandoned and looted.

Official data reported that the total number of deaths is about 600,000 people. Among these people, the most part is made up of officers (police, MES, station workers, soldiers). Within the range of 166 thousand are ordinary residents of neighboring cities and regions. 220 thousand inhabitants of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus were evacuated a little later. At the moment, the radiation background in Chernobyl is much reduced and finding a person on the territory does not in any way threaten any organs of human life. The radiation background there can be compared to staying in an airplane or on reception at the radiologist. The main conclusion that all future generations of the world must make is to prevent the repetition of such a tragedy more than ever. Appreciate your own and other people’s lives. Let this disaster be a fatal lesson for all countries and nations.Source website:

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