Crime in The Bahamas — Is Nassau Safe?

Exercise increased caution in the Bahamas due to crime. Crime, in general, has been rising in the Bahamas. These crimes that are the most common include:

  • Armed robberies
  • Purse Snatchings
  • Property theft
  • Other theft of personal property

Common crimes

The most common crimes are against tourists. The Bahamas has been experiencing a spike in armed robberies at:

  • Gas stations
  • Fast food restaurants
  • Convenience stores
  • Banks
  • As well as residence

These violent crimes, such as armed robberies, burglaries, and sexual assault are common during the day and in areas where tourists are. Although these family islands are not totally crime-free, most of these crimes occur on New Providence as well as Grand Bahama Islands.

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The Bahamas are safe to visit. There was a problem with crime, but it’s mostly among the locals and it is very rare to involved visitors. There were some occurrences several years past involving visitors which did get lots of press mainly due to it not happening very often.

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