Deciding on where to go on a helicopter tour in Las Vegas

While a helicopter tour in Las Vegas covers the general area you will be surprised all of the different attractions and areas in which you can visit. Many people opt to take a helicopter tour in Las Vegas to see the Grand Canyon so that they don’t have to brave the crowd of thousands of tourists. While that is a great idea and a very unique and special way to see the Grand Canyon, the wonder itself has several areas that you can see.

Before you book your Las Vegas helicopter tour it is important that you know what area you want to visit to ensure that you are getting the experience that you have in your head. Below we are going to explore the different areas of the Grand Canyon that you can visit during a helicopter tour in Las Vegas.

South Rim

The first and most popular area to visit the Grand Canyon is the South Rim. This section is the most famous as you have probably seen it referenced in TV shows, films, and photographs. All of those iconic scenes and views more than likely took place in this area. From such many people believe that you have properly witnessed the Grand Canyon unless you have seen the South Rim.

With locals and other tourists claiming this to be true, you will find that this section gets the largest amounts of crowds frequenting it. This can be a real bummer if you have flown in from overseas and driven several hours only to have all of your pictures photobombed. Considering the long travel distance and flocks of crowds you will find that a lot of tourists love to get a helicopter tour in Las Vegas to see the South Rim.

West Rim

Second most popular to the South Rim is its Western counterpart. This section is owned and operated by the Hualapai Native American Tribe. Their rich history and care for the land along with the many bonus facilities in this area make it very popular. Since the grand opening of the skywalk in 2007, thousands of tourists have flocked to the West Rim to get a glimpse of one of the wonders of the world. The skywalk is 70 feet out from the rim of the canyon where you also get to look down onto the floor that is 4,000 feet below.

All of this combined with it only being 120 miles out from the downtown strip means that many tourists drive out here to see the wonder for themselves. From such, it is also common for many people to opt for a helicopter tour in Las Vegas to see the area and avoid the crowds. It is also important to note that the West Rim is the only area of the Grand Canyon where a helicopter tour in Las Vegas can land on the base. For that reason is why many people opt to fly to this area over others.

North Rim

If you are after an area that is a bit more peaceful and serene then you should definitely consider heading on out to the North Rim. This area encapsulates the natural beauty that the Nevada region has to offer. As the elevation of this section is approximately 1,000 feet higher than the South Rim, it fosters a livable habitat for many animals and natural fauna. It is common to run into a family of deer in this section and makes for some great photos and family picnic ideas.

This area is 280 miles out from the strip which means it is less likely that you will find many tourists here who traveled via land. If you want to experience it in a breathtaking way be sure to consider a helicopter tour in Las Vegas.

East Rim

It’s common for tourists to avoid areas where there are large numbers of other tourists. After all you are on vacation and don’t want to have to fight your way through crowds to enjoy the serenity of the Grand Canyon. If that sounds all too familiar for you then you may want to consider heading on out to the East Rim. This area is the furthest from the downtown strip clocking in at 320 miles. From such, it is even more unlikely that people will drive or get a bus to come and see this area.

However, you shouldn’t let the distance deter you from seeing this amazing landscape. The East Rim is home to many attractions including the Antelope and Marble Canyon, Navajo and Rainbow Bridge and even the Little Colorado River. Just because the driving distance is long doesn’t mean that the flying distance is the same. Be sure to check out helicopter tour in Las Vegas for all areas in the Grand Canyon.

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