Dolphin House Tour Hurghada and Paraselling trip in Hurghada Egypt best tourism city you will find and enjoy holidays.

Dolphin House Tour Hurghada and Paraselling trip in Hurghada Egypt best tourism city you will find and enjoy holidays

Dolphin house tour hurghada- the Dolphin House trip means a fantastic day with dolphins in its natural environment in the open sea and with them

Dolphin house tour hurghada

Those of us did not dream of having fun with dolphins in the sea

Where boats take you to the area near the Jouna where the natural habitat of the Dravil

The dolphins house trip means enjoying the sun and swimming in the red sea and relaxing in the beautiful nature and refreshing sea view

Dolphin House Flight Program

Start the morning flight and do 3 work stops

  • First stop at the Dolphin House
  • The second stop is near the coral reef area and enjoy the swim and snorkel
  • Open buffet lunch in addition to 3 types of fruit
  • The third stop is also near the coral reef area and enjoy swimming and snorkeling
  • Enjoy the ride of the Banana Bot and the various water games and games

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Paraselling is one of the most fun and exciting activities in Hurghada where the parachute is tied in the speedboat

You can enjoy seeing the beaches of Hurghada, its waters, the coral reefs and the sea

One, two or three people can ride a parachute ride at the same time

A journey of pleasure

One of the most beautiful trips that can be expected in Hurghada is that you fly in the air over the waters of the Red Sea witch and its beaches

Characteristics of the trip

  • Its effects and adventure
  • Watch and enjoy the waters of the Red Sea above

The duration of the journey is 15 minutes

Flight Program with dolphin house tour hurghada

  • The journey begins with a dive from the marina and a journey for ten minutes
  • Then start to go to the glass submarine salon at a depth of 3 meters below sea level and for an hour where the view of the sea from the people and fish and turtles with dolphin house tour Hurghada Excursions.
  • After enjoying the wonderful view of the fish by the sea and people, the diver begins to move on the sea float Sea Wolf to start the work of snorkel and for two full hours

On the marine float you can enjoy the tranquility and read your favorite books

You can also be in the deck for a sea cruise and enjoy a gorgeous solarium amidst the sea

Offers a hospitality drink as well as free use of knives and fins

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