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Introducing Peru

Peru Travel Guide

 Introducing Peru

Peru offers such a wide range of experiences that it can be difficult to choose between them. Solemn pilgrimages honour gods both Christian and indigenous. Neon-lit discos get jam-packed with revelling youth.

 Peru will astound you with its diversity. Not even fierce Inca warriors or Spanish conquistadors could totally dominate such jaw-dropping terrain, from glaciated Andean peaks where majestic condors soar, to almost limitless coastal deserts, to the steamy rainforests of the Amazon basin. Peru is home to snow-capped mountains, giant sand dunes, flocks of brightly hued tropical birds, postcard-perfect volcanoes and rocky Pacific outcroppings inhabited by argumentative sea lions that will send your camera into overdrive

Peru Multiculturalism

Perhaps you don’t realize it, fellow traveler, but there are just a handful of places on Earth like Peru that possess incredible geography and 10,000 years of history within arm’s reach. Now mix in a cuisine that is one of the hottest items in the world and the proverbial hospitality of a joyful people, quick to flash a friendly smile, and you will discover your only problem is…where to begin!

Peru is the most diverse country

As if that weren’t enough, Peru is the most diverse country on the face of the Earth. You can find almost every type of weather here as well as world records for the number of butterflies, orchids, birds, whales, and other animal groups. Deserts, unending beaches, snow capped mountains, enchanted lakes, inter-Andean valleys, cloud forests, and jungles that stretch to the horizon and divided by the longest, mightiest river in the world, the Amazon. If we had to make a list of other impressive sites, then we would be obliged to top it with Machu Picchu, recently voted one of the new 7 Wonders of the World, followed by incredible Pre-Incan sites like the Nasca Lines, mud temples from the Moche civilization, and marvelous terraced hillsides along the Colca Valley, each an extraordinary testimony of people who lived in these lands long before the Incas.

No doubt about it, Peru is a land of stark contrasts; here you can eat breakfast on the beach, enjoy lunch at the foot of a glacier nearly 5 kilometers above sea level, and dine in the steamy Amazon Rainforest under a star studded night sky. One thousand different ethnic groups united by the same distinctive characteristic will offer you the opportunity to experience living cultures, to choose from superb handicrafts, and to appreciate lifestyles so different from each other that they will never cease to amaze you. Cross this country on brand new highways, discovering as you go its thousands of roadside secrets, or hop on a plane to any of its main tourist destinations thanks to the well developed network of commercial flights.

Don’t be concerned about the weather either, since you can find perfect conditions anytime during the year or even all of them in just one single location.

Just so you know, Peru has it all and is awaiting you. 


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