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Perú Festivals

Amazing Festivals in Perú

In Peru specially in Cusco about 3000 typical rejoicing are celebrated every year. The majority of those are organized to celebrate the day of a santo patron (a saint). Those saints originally formed part of the Christian calender in the Colonial Period but they were always mixed with the magical religion of the Andean regions. A good example of this “cultural syncretism” is the Festivity of Corpus Christi in Cusco. This religious day, originally introduced by the Spaniards, was accepted by the Peruvian inhabitants as for them it had little to do with Catholicism, so much more with an old Inca ritual. Especially in the traditional village high up in the mountains or in the jungle, there are several traditional celebrations, that related to ancient myths and/or important agricultural dates.


Festival of Lima. Marking the founding of the capital in 1535

Marinera festival of Trujillo. A contest of this traditional dance declared National Cultural Patrimony by the Government of Peru.


Pisco Sour Day. A day of celebrating Peru´s national cocktail.

Lima Carnival. Colourful processions and festivities, including dancing, partying and water fights.

Lunahuaná Adventure Sports Festival. Rafting, kayaking and more.

Virgin of the Candelaria Festival. One of Peru´s wildest parties, honouring Puno´s patron saint.



Vendimia de Surco Festival. Celebrating the arto f traditional winemaking and pisco.

Semana Santa (Holy Week). All around the country take place religious processions and spectacular pageantry.



Peruvian Jazz Festival. Top jazz and blues acts play Lima´s clubs.

Peruvian Paso Horse Festival. See Peru´s famed, elegante Paso horses in action in Pachacámac, just south of Lima.



Festival of the Cross. Folk music and dance, including dazzling “scissor dancers”, and religious processions, in several cities.

Corpus Christi. A deeply felt religious procession, the most impressive in Cusco.



Qoyllur Rit´i. A pilgrimage to the summit of Mount Sinaqara. Union of Andean and Catholic traditions.

Inti Raymi (Inca Festival of the Sun). 24th June. The most important pre- Columbian festival, celebrating the winter solstice with a spectacle of dance and parades in Cusco.



Virgin of Carmen. Costumed revelers and wild dancing in the remote village of Paucartambo, at the edge of the rainforest in Cusco.



Pachamama Raymi or Earth Mother Day.  1st August. This is an Andean ritual that worships and gives tribute to the Pachamama (Mother Earth) in a special ceremony called “payment to the earth” with offerings of coca leaves, chicha de jora, and huayruro seeds (mystical jungle seeds). The rite marks the beginning of the Andean New Year.

Santa Rosa de Lima. Devotional processions honouring Lima´s patron saint, including family entertainment.



Lord of Huanca. 14th September. Believers arrive from all over Peru and Bolivia in search of cures for their physical and spiritual afflictions.

Festival of Pisco. Country fairs and parades in Ica.



The Lord of the Miracles. South America´s largest procession, with purple- clad revelers in Lima paying homage to a Christ figure that survived the 1746 earthquake.



Puno week. A powerful celebration of music and dance, marking the founding of Puno and the birth of the Inca Empire.



Santuranticuy Fair. 24th December. One of the largest handicraft fairs in Peru. It is held every year in Cusco´s Main Square.

Battle of Ayacucho. Commemoration of the famous 1824 battle of Pampa de Quinua, in which Peruvian troops defeated the Spanish.





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Cusco is covered by mountains and green valleys.



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