Give a visit to Abu Dhabi city

Dubai is a beautiful place where people come from all around the world. It has wonderful things and activities to do. It is one of the glamorous cities in the world.

When your trip gets finalized then you start searching for best deals of desert safari, luxury hotels, and city tours. You will get best deals of desert safari Dubai tour. There are many options are available even you get confused for selecting the right deal for you and your family.

If you want to have the highest fun in Dubai tour then you can go for Abu Dhabi city tour. Abu Dhabi provides you something for people coming from different countries and different cultures. This place was full of adventure and fun.

Abu Dhabi city tour is your guide and doorway to hold of exciting activities. It will add more fun in your desert safari Dubai tour. It is full of entertainment and thrilling activities.

Abu Dhabi city tour is one of the most famous and amazing landmarks in the world. There is one of the world’s largest mosques which is housed with 82 domes with huge gold gilded chandeliers. This city is the house of luxury hotels. The capital of Dubai is that is Abu Dhabi is no such anomaly because it provides most wonderful tourist locations which can excite, fun and comfort.

Best desert safari Dubai tour packages are given below based on the number of persons: –

Group of four people: –

If you want to enjoy the desert safari Dubai tour then you can go with amazing rates starting from as low as AED 175 per person. It is the best for a person with two children or four friends to enjoy their tour in a reasonable and entertaining way.

Group of Six people: –

If you are six persons then you can look for a desert safari Dubai tour. It provides you tour for as low as AED 155 so it is a great opportunity to enjoy a wonderful time with family and friends.

Group of twelve people: –

Abu Dhabi city tour provides an amazing tour as low as AED 145 for a group of twelve people.

Beautiful sites where Abu Dhabi city tour take you

You begin sightseeing tour with Dubai passing through the stunning largest man-made port known al Jabal Airport which is a portrait of great architectural expertise. They take you to marvelous Abu Dhabi cornice and marine mall shop to shop.

The Abu Dhabi heritage village is the best place for people who love culture and history. It states the rural heritage and the desert culture beautifully. If you want shopping then you can go to Abu Dhabi market where you get the finest products at a reasonable price.

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