Legendary……The Hiking gadget you dream for: OmiCam, the wearable VR camera

Nature nourishes and comforts us down the ages. It washes away the hustle city life and brings us peace of mind. Many people choose hiking to refresh themselves while walking on trails. As modern human beings, we always want to keep and extend those precious moments in nature; meanwhile, with a wish that it won’t take extra effort on photography. Here, small size and lightweight camera OmiCam with a unique “Lifelog” function can serve hikers’ needs.

How can OmiCam catch hikers’ eyes in essence?

Imagine you just finish a work section and find out you haven’t packed anything for the upcoming hiking. What to do? Packing up everything in a rush and trying hard to put in all the photography gadgets which turn out to close the backpack is an impossible mission? Or you finally hit the road, the sun is shining, and everything seems to be so perfect, while you are struggling to set up your camera for just a picture? Not to mention changing batteries, sort out of the images you take, etc.

Well, OmiCam considers all these problems for you. Within 3 steps–mount, power on, press the Lifelog, it will automatically record videos or photos in an interval time up to 15 hrs. You will have your hands free, and stop worrying when you should take out your camera. OmiCam has inbuilt a mono wide angle lens for 240 degrees, and it is IP65 which means durable against the dust and water spray. The resolution is in 4K, with the option to output as normal videos or 360 videos, provides alternatives to share your memories in a fun way.

How do real users talk about OmiCam?

Ju-Yuan, a group hike leader, is so responsible that he always pays attention to the safety of the group while working, which leaves himself little time to enjoy the beautiful scenery. He discovered OmiCam and find it quite easy to use and very helpful in a way that doesn’t disturb his job. Now he can take care of his group and have records of the trail at the same time.

Jun, an experienced hiking leader, has climbed more than 10 high mountains in Taiwan. He has used OmiCam for two years, and he shot about 50 videos of his hikes. Jun appreciates every little moment during hiking, while OmiCam provides him an alternative way to celebrate all the miraculous encounters with nature.

Vane, a school teacher, likes to go hiking, biking, running and even skiing with OmiCam. Up to now, Vane’s OmiCam has seen almost every mountain in Taiwan, including Yushan (Jade Mountain), Xueshan (Snow Mountain) and also part of the Central Mountain Range.

The Last reason Why You Should Consider OmiCam

Let’s go directly to the point—price. GoPro is the leading brand of action camera, and its latest GoPro Hero 7 is $349 on Amazon. When it comes to this hiker’s dream gadget OmiCam, it is just $249! With the promotion on an irregular basis, it could be even lower sometimes. If you are tired of searching for a camera for hiking, this is going to be your destination.

Where To Buy?

OmiCam Amazon US: https://www.amazon.com/Wearable-Outdoor-Blogging-Virtual-Reality/dp/B07QJBJG44

Learn More Detail?

OmiCam Website: https://www.omicam.com/

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