Historical Santo Domingo: Places to Visit on Rental Car

Santo Domingo is the oldest city in America. Here the great discoverer Christopher Columbus spent his last years. The local architecture contains the features of the Renaissance, Arabic, Gothic and Romanesque styles. In order to get acquainted with this unique city, you cannot do without a car. In this case, car rental Santo Domingo Las Americas airport will help you.

Where to go sightseeing in Santo Domingo?

Royal Houses

This architectural ensemble consists of the building of the Royal Court and the Governor’s Palace. In every stone, pediment and column, imperial luxury and scope are felt. In the rich halls are open expositions of the Museum of the Royal Court.

Botanical Garden and Aquarium

In the garden, you will see a lot of tropical trees and shrubs, as well as 300 species of orchids. Transparent corridors of the Aquarium are like a fabulous underwater kingdom, where thousands of fish and marine animals live.


Santo Domingo is located just 30 km from the Caribbean resort of Boca Chica, which is famous for its long white beaches and palm trees. Here you can go fishing, windsurfing and diving.

Columbus Lighthouse

One of the symbols of the Dominican Republic is the huge Lighthouse of Faro-o-Colon, or the “Columbus Lighthouse” located on a hill in the eastern part of Santo Domingo. There is a museum, and the remains of the great seafarer Christopher Columbus rest in the white marble mausoleum.

Cathedral of Santa Maria la Menor

Cathedral is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, the patroness of America. It houses the richest collection of statues of carved wood, precious dishes and jewellery, and also luxurious antique furniture.

Los Tres Ojos National Park

The unique natural park, located near the capital of the Dominican Republic, became famous for its amazing cave with three multi-coloured sulphide lakes, thanks to which it got such name.

What cars to rent in Santo Domingo?

It is a fact that in some places you cannot get by means of buses and other public transport, or, you can, but it is problematic. So, in any car rental in Santo Domingo, you will be offered a lot of models suitable for such trip. The best are the following:

Hyundai i10

Hyundai i10 costs $24 per day. Thanks to a number of original stylistic solutions, the general design and the interior of the Hyundai i10 look very attractive. There will be enough space for passengers on the back sofa. Lowering the head restraints is a compromise between visibility and ease of sitting. An important advantage of this model is its luggage compartment that is one of the largest in the class – 225/910 l. With an automatic transmission, fuel consumption is up to 5.5 l / 100 km.

Honda Civic

Honda Civic can be taken from car rental for $31 per day. It can boast of its excellent quality, reliability, safety and ease. Elegant and swift body lines at a glance allow you to evaluate this car – a powerful, reliable and representative. Spacious interior, good dynamics and controllability are its main characteristics. The fuel consumption for a mixed cycle is about 7 l/100 km.

Chevrolet Spark

Chevrolet Spark is affordable for $34. It has a rather aggressive design, youth style salon, a unique dashboard in the motorcycle style, the largest in its class space for front and rear passengers. Economical engines of Spark guarantee its owner a perfection of movement and low level of NVH. Fuel consumption in a mixed cycle is less than 5.0 l / 100 km.

All these and other cars you can hire in Dominican Republic. Good luck!

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