How much does it cost to visit Bhutan and can I travel to Bhutan for free

Bhutan charges a minimum $200 per person, per night in the winter months and $250 during the summer month. Sounds expensive right! Yet, the tourism authority of the country claims to provide a free trip across the country at this rate! Doesn’t it sound somewhat like the term – oxymoron? Well initially, even I thought so, but when I scratched the outer layer, what I found was actually priceless. Let me show you how…

Bhutan is known for its culture to preserve nature in the most pristine form. The government levies the said amount from the tourists to preserve the sanctity of the environment and keep it absolutely unadulterated. Bhutan is the only country in the entire world that makes it be their national priority to preserve nature and environment to its best. Apart from this, they use a majority of the revenue earned from tourism to provide free education, developmental activities and poverty elevation.

Breathe In A Carbon-Negative Environment

The air we breathe comes free. Right? But the medical bills you need to pay for your respiratory ailments that result from a polluted air is not even subsidized leave aside being free. Bhutan is the only country in the entire world that is carbon negative. That means, when you step into Bhutan, you will get to breathe in the kind of air that your lungs will be grateful for. This is the first priceless gift that you get in exchange of the per night tariff you pay for traveling to Bhutan.

Experience a lifestyle and culture that has learned to stay close to nature and value nature as opposed to the rest of the world that is madly dumping onto themselves plastic and electronic hazards thus pushing the entire civilization towards an irreversible destructive path. Visit Bhutan to learn how to put this entire process of destruction on a reverse gear. It is a great learning if you can learn it during your stay in Bhutan. A $200 tariff per night is too small an amount for that.

Bhutan Offers An All Inclusive Tariff To Its Travelers

A detailed break-up of the per night tariff that a traveler has to shell out for his trip to Bhutan will help to ease out frown that comes as an instant reaction at the very first mention of $200-$250 per night. Firstly, the tariff is subsidized for children and students. The rates for Bhutan holiday packages get further subsidized when the number of people traveling is more in number. Speak to your tour and travel service provider for the best deal.

Secondly, it includes each and everything in your itinerary for example food, accommodation, tours within Bhutan, driver, guide and the camping equipment. You do not have to pay even a single penny apart from the said amount. If you compare this with the expenses incurred in the other holiday destinations, you will find that the apparent most expensive trip is actually turning out to be a rather economic one. And if you are worried about the quality of accommodation and other facilities that you will get, the lodging options are nowhere below three-star hotels.

Something You Will Not Find In Anywhere Else In The World

Beautiful landscapes are something that you will find in every part of the world. What you will not find is a culture as vibrant as that of Bhutan where people are firmly grounded in their tradition and yet moving ahead with time. The profound spirituality of the Buddhist monks that blends so well with a vibrancy and youth. All This an much more awaits the travelers in Bhutan for $200 per person per night. Is it much?

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