How To Keep Your Campsite Clean?

Camping is such a wonderful outdoor activity to indulge in. You get to spend time with your friends, family, or even just a few days in solitude connecting with nature. Imagine arriving at a camping place that is free from any litter and looks sanitary. Sounds rather amazing, right?

Now, if you like a clean campsite, it is only fair for you to also take the initiative to leave the place in exactly the same manner as you had found it. Not only is this step important to preserve nature, but it is also humane and considerate to not make others clean or scrunch their noses in disgust seeing the mess.

A lot of campers are not exactly aware of how a little ignorance on their part can negatively affect the environment by polluting the nearby water bodies of campsites, or just the area in general. By following a couple of tips, you can save yourself from a lot of hassles and simultaneously keep your campsite clean.

Tips for Keeping Campsite Clean #1: Carry a checklist with you to make sure you are not leaving anything behind

Creating a camping checklist can be a wise decision. This will help you make sure you are not missing any supplies that you might require while you camp. Again, this list will be useful when you are packing up.

Refer to the list to make sure that you are packing everything you would require. Don’t forget to add extra packets or bags to stuff any litter or garbage that you can dispose of properly.

Tips for Keeping Campsite Clean #2: Don’t forget to pack cleaning stations

Many of us tend to fish or hunt while camping. In such cases, always ensure that you never clean your kill on the ground. It will lead to an unnecessary mess that may even attract wild animals.

It’s much safer to buy a cleaning station, preferably one with a non-porous material, for this purpose. After you are finished cleaning your skill, you will also need to bury the unusable parts of your catch far away from the campsite. Remember, throwing waste into water is not an option. You can also refer to local laws to be on the safe side.

Tips for Keeping Campsite Clean #3: Set up recycling bags, pop up trash cans, et cetera

If you are in a huge party, there are automatically higher chances of more messes.

Keeping this in mind, it would be better for you to carry some trash cans or pop up trash cans with you to help you dispose of any waste in a systematic manner. Nowadays, trash bags are coming with a zip that can help to close the top packing the refuse inside.

Tell everyone to throw away any snacks wrappers, empty water bottles, and other trash strictly in these trash cans or recycling bags immediately after use. This will help save time in terms of cleaning up the site.

The other advantage is the reduction in the number of trips that you would have had to otherwise make to the local garbage can. Before leaving, don’t forget to spray an ant killer to keep ants away around places where you had kept your kitchen waste.

Tips for Keeping Campsite Clean #4: Pack a biodegradable soap

This is an important step that is often overlooked by campers. Carry a soap that doesn’t contain any phosphates and is fully biodegradable whenever you go camping. The other thing that you should be careful to not do is use the soap in the surrounding water bodies. After all, the lake or pond we see at the campsite is not our personal bathtub.

For bathing, it is recommended to bring your own freshwater, and stay at least 200 feet away from local bodies of water.

Tips for Keeping Campsite Clean #5: Pack tarps and rugs before leaving for the camp

Whenever we go camping, it’s important to make sure that the environment inside our tent is also clean. Nobody likes to sleep in a dirty tent which is why you have to prevent it from getting dirty.

Usually, campers lay down an old tarp before setting up the tent. Once the tent is up, they lay another tarp which is newer to act as a buffer between the dirty feet and the floor of the tent.

The other trick that you can follow is to place a woven rug just outside your tent flap. This will give you as well as your visitors the chance to wipe their feet before entering the tent which, in turn, will make sure that there are no mud spots where you’ll be sleeping.

Tips for Keeping Campsite Clean #6: Always carry proper and adequate cleaning supplies

The magic that a small brush, broom, and a dustpan are capable of doesn’t really need any introduction. Even if you and your party end up making a mess, you can always clean it afterward. The other thing that you should carry is surface wipes to clean up before and after you take your meals. The wipes can also come handy when you find any particular item to feel dirty or sticky.

In terms of eatables, it would be better to bring snacks and food in containers instead of their original packaging. Not only will this help to reduce your cleaning effort, but you will also be doing the environment a huge favor.

With the help of cleaning supplies, you will be able to remove any traces of you ever being there. This is exactly what the next campers want – a clean, garbage-free, and fresh campsite.

The above-mentioned tips are a few ways in which you can keep your campsite clean. It is important that you follow these tips to maintain the aesthetic of the place. Camping clean is important to keep the local ecosystem safe and pollution-free, and also give the other campers the chance to enjoy their time out with their friends and family.

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