How to Manage Anxiety When Travelling

Anxiety is something that affects all of us at one point or another and for some it can be a kind of chronic anxiety which stays with us for a long time! We like to travel in order to escape from our lives. However you have to remember that your mind comes along for the ride.

Panic attacks can take a hold of your life – but what if you learn to overcome it by doing the previously thought to be unthinkable for you?

Is that a reason to stop travelling? No way! Travelling can be an amazing thing to experience, as you journey throughout different countries and explore the big, wide world around you.

Look for a map and photos of arrivals terminals of an airport and plan out your route through the building, if you can visualize your exact journey it feels like you are completely in control.

Google what to do if your luggage is lost and write down a set of instructions to deal with that eventuality in the case of that event you’ll have a proper plan of action – it’s going to help you.

Plan to take a taxi from your airport – or familairise yourself with the exact transport service and route you’re going to take.

Leave your comfort zone – repeated exposure to your fears is much more successful at treating anxiety than avoidance. The best way to conquer anxiety is by doing one thing a day that scares you. Travel is fantastic for this -It’s all about graded exposure and slowly easing yourself into a new routine.

Travelling is pushing your boundaries to new levels so in the long run when you actually go back to normality it’s going to have changed and transformed you. Travelling abroad will show you what life is really capable of – a lot can happen in a short space of time and you might not be ready for it – however that’s ok!

Another trick is getting up early and going for a run every morning – wherever you are in the world – what that is going to do is build a routine for yourself and also exercise is extremely helpful for depression, stress and anxiety.

Try breathing in and out for five seconds or placing an elastic band around your wrist to help you distract yourself.

I’m particularly intimidated by a new experience; the combination of those two things helps me take that step into the great unknown.

Avoid your triggers! Alcohol can make anxiety much worse so avoiding it is a good idea. Before you leave make a list of everything that can set you off. And try to minimise your exposure to these things – although like I said, it can be improved by a little bit of exposure.

Turn your anxiety into positivity – this is an awesome hurdle for you to overcome and in doing so you’re making a massive improvement on your life.

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