Information on Kickstarter Project for Cottonwood Camping and RV Park

Cottonwood Camp and RV Park are centrally situated in the middle of Downeast Maine in the rural coastal town of Columbia Falls. Their goal is to offer adventure camping that has with something for everyone. They currently just started a Kickstarter site with all the information on Adventure camping for the outdoor enthusiast! ATV trail access, horse camping or guided rides, tree houses, RV sites, tenting and more!


This campground is surrounded by 170 acres and situated right in the middle of the old railroad bed now called the Sunrise Trail bed. At Cottonwood, you’ll have access to this multi-use trail system right from your front door. This trail system stretches for more than eighty miles from beyond the town of Machias to the town of Ellsworth. From this trail system, there are secondary trails that cover hundreds of miles throughout the entire Downeast area. You can be assured you’ll have plenty of room to play!

Off the main trail

While the trail bed is enjoyed by hikers, bicyclists, dog walkers, ATVers, dirt bike enthusiasts and horseback riders; it remains remote and quiet in other areas. With the generosity of many landowners, we can enjoy access to some of the most remote parts of Maine.

The Sunrise Trail Bed

Columbia Falls is in the center of this Trail Bed. You’ll have access to more than 40 miles east to the coast or 40 miles west to downtown Ellsworth as well as secondary trails to your north and south that will take you hundreds of miles throughout the down east area.


The couple that started this project has been working on it for the past 7 years. Their grandparent’s farm in a small rural town in Maine is where the woman in this duo spent time away from Boston where her family was raised. They spent the summers on this farm and eventually moved there.


Now their goal is to build a place where city kids and families can spend their vacations. You get benefits for being a supporter; just go to their new Kickstarter page for information on how to donate and how much your donations will allow you to do.

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