It’s time for Africa: Explore the true beauty

Richard Mullin once said, “The only man I envy is the man who has not yet been to Africa – for he has so much to look forward to”. If you want to embark upon a journey of finding yourself and admiring the beauty of nature, you must definitely visit Africa at least once in your lifetime. It has a rich and diverse culture that is preserved by art, music, food, etc. It is home to beautiful beaches with white silky sand. So, if you want to spend a few days abroad, then you should definitely add visiting Africa to your bucket list. These are the places you should visit when you take a trip to Africa. To know more about tourist places in Africa, you can visit 7daysabroad.

Cape Town

  • You can admire the view from the top of Table Mountain. Coming here will give you a marvelous 360-degree look at the city.
  • Cape Town is home to the most beautiful beaches in Africa. You can visit Boulders Beach, which is basically famous for penguins.
  • Your tour to Cape Town will remain incomplete if you do not visit Robben Island, which is a UNESCO world heritage site. This place was served as a prison in the darkest period of South Africa’s apartheid history.


  • There are almost a hundred beaches along the coastline of this island, each having its own characteristics and beauty.
  • This island has fabulous coral reefs and thriving marine life. This natural beauty can be appreciated while experiencing diving.
  • The culture of Mauritius is diverse because of the diversity of the population living there.
  • Swimming along with dolphins is something which you will enjoy doing in Mauritius.
  • You can visit Chamarel, which a small village famous for its seven-colored layers of sand.
  • You can also stop by the Chamarel Waterfalls.


  • Malawi is known as “Warm Heart of Africa”. The people here are genuinely very friendly and welcoming.
  • While in Malawi, you should go to watch the freshwater Lake Malawi, which is a UNESCO world heritage site. It is perfect for diving in clear water.
  • You can go for short eco-friendly trips like mountain biking, horseback riding, trekking, etc.
  • Malawi supports a remarkable diversity of birds. So, if you are an admirer of bird species, you should definitely visit here once.

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