James Bond Island Tour: The Features and Various Activities

Your tour to Thailand can’t be absolutely amazing until the point that you visit the Phang Nga National Park with James Bond island tour. The island lies a couple of kilometres from central Phang Nga Province and is an integral part of the Ao Phang Nga Marine National Park.

James Bond Island: Features

The highest point of the 20 meters high shake is about twice as wide as the base, influencing it to emerge in the lovely surroundings with numerous different islands and green waters. The island’s actual name is Koh Tapu which means nail island.

Various Activities

Here you can visit and persevere through numerous activities, most popular is (1) visiting James Bond Island by speedboat, (2) the famous Panyee Village (also called as the fisherman village) and (3) canoe in lagoons and near marvellous limestone cliffs in the proximity of mind-boggling tropical jungles.

James Bond Island Tour: What to Expect

  • With the James Bond island tour, you will get the opportunity to see the majestic caves in that mystery tidal ponds stream into, this tells a complete picture about the Thailand nature and photographs taken on this trip will be a long-lasting memory of your experience of Thailand.
  • With a full day trip on James Bond Island, you can get to discover (1) the Phang Nga Bay, (2) Loy Krathong various islands and (3) parks with terrific atmosphere and scenery.
  • Experience James Bond island tour and the stunning caves that secret lagoons stream into is the most amazing part of the tour where to tend to swim around and discover as much as possible, take photographs, enjoy kayaking activities, enjoy the view as the mystery tidal ponds open into the stones and witness the excellence, the great temperature of the surrender as the tidal pond streams into it.

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