Know More About Best Cenote Dives in Tulum

Scuba diving in Tulum offers proficient CAVE DIVING and CAVE DIVING TRAINING for experienced scubadivers.

With expert hardware like a solid bike Scuba Diving Tulum achieves caverns that humanity has never observed.

It’s extremely hard to pick 5 CENOTES as we adore them just for various reasons, however we comprehend your TIME CAN BE SHORT and you don’t have two weeks to investigate the full scope of Cenote dives with us. You have to DECIDE which will be THE BEST CENOTE FOR YOU, in light of WHAT YOU WANT TO SEE and furthermore YOUR SKILL and COMFORT LEVEL.

Casa Cenote is an ideal Cenote for ALL LEVELS of divers. The Open Water offers the likelihood for apprentices to have a go at diving or get their OPEN WATER accreditation in a supernatural domain, while affirmed divers can go somewhat further and find the CAVERN.

Dos Ojos is the Best Cenote for STALAGTITES and STALAGMITES. These insane ROCK FORMATIONS that seem as though they are streaming fluid, are plentiful in the VAST CAVERN. Coral and conch FOSSILS beautify the paths. There is a reward here. The natural hollow is so huge there are TWO DIVES, two unique lines to pursue that take you on two altogether different dives. The primary BARBIE LINE has greater spaces, greater developments and loads of light. It’s an extraordinary dive to get acquainted with an OVERHEAD domain. The second, BAT CAVE, is marginally more tightly and darker, yet with numerous more DELICATE and INTERESTING developments.

Calavera MEANS SKULL in spanish and this dive is more testing than the past dives. There is a 10ft/3m drop into the water, don’t stress there is a stepping stool to move up a the end. After entering we are compensated with BEAUTIFUL GREEN LIGHT that denotes the passageway. Calavera is THE HALOCLINE DIVE. The meeting up of salt and new water makes STUNNING VISUAL EFFECTS when we dive through it.

Auto Wash is incredible for NATURE and LIFE. The bigger OPEN WATER region is home to FISH, a TURTLE and once in a while we see a little crocodile. This region is an awesome preparing space, so in the event that you need to DO A SIDEMOUNT or CAVERN COURSE, this is the place we will come to begin TRAINING. The sinkhole is huge and a most loved for PHOTOGRAPHERS.

The Pit is the FAIRY TALE DIVE. It’s a really deeply dive. The Pit is a tremendous chamber with numerous extraordinary Cenote highlights. We see a CLOUD of HYDROGEN Sulfide gas that resembles thin whispy layers of SMOKE IN THE WATER.

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