Know the criteria before applying for the spouse visa

Getting a spouse visa is not a normal thing these days. It involves a vast selection process in which the individual has to undergo many levels. One of the main criteria for applying Spouse Visa is to have good English knowledge. Though you orally say that you have a decent English Knowledge, there are specific English levels that have to be cleared by the applicants.

Perhaps, the specific requirements of the vital eligibility criteria may entail you to the further processes.

List of requirements for the English Language applying for a Spouse Visa

To pass the requirement of an English language test including a1 English test for spouse visa, there are three ways.

Exemption route

Several situations exempt you to prove your English knowledge skills. The situations are enlisted below.

  • If you are a senior citizen crossing 65 years of age, you do not need to take the English language test
  • If the applicant has a physical or mental illness, then they are also exempted from taking the test
  • Added if you are from any one of the below countries, you do not want to come up with any proof of your English language. Few of those countries are,

1. Antigua and Barbuda

2. Belize

3. Canada

4. Dominica

5. Jamaica

6. USA

7. New Zealand

8. St Lucia and many

Academic route

On the other way, you may need not to prove your English language when your academic background is strong. Added, if you have a degree or academic qualification under the English medium, there is no need of taking this a1 English test for a spouse visa.

Added, if your qualification has been recognized under UK NARIC or any relevant degree including UK Bachelor’s degree or higher than that is also eligible to get an exemption. Itis necessary to get the certificate from UK NARIC and thereby confirming this. It is necessary to send this along with your application as well.

Qualification route

Coming to the next route is the qualification route. If you cannot exempt from the above-mentioned points, then here is another way. To get a spouse visa, it is necessary to pass a CEFR qualification to satisfy the requirement.

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages comes under an international standard that helps students or individuals to prove their efficiency in the English language. If there is a succulent nature to break down the individual ability to different levels, then it is very easy to understand the current level. This becomes the main standard for individuals who wish to apply for a spouse visa.

The a1 English test for spouse visa has become the minimum eligibility to apply for the visa. The basic understanding of the language helps them to extend their stay in the UK at a later date.

With the list of exemptions, there are multiple ways of succeeding in the basic level examination. To do so, try to clear the English level tests meant to be mandatory to enter in the other countries.

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