New Luggage Line Now on Kickstarter – Different from All the Rest

Quantum Luggage cart is a new travel luggage company offering the premier luggage collection on Kickstarter. The collection will kick off with 2 sizes, carry on and 26”, and offers some features that are unbelievable and that fight major suitcase frustrations. The Quantum Luggage Cart is a luggage line designed to glide on four wheels on the wide side of the luggage instead of two or four wheels on the short side.  It folds flat for easy storage. It eliminates the need for a traditional airport luggage cart because you can stack luggage on top. You can also pull or push your luggage just like a real cart plus you can roll right upstairs or over curbs.  This is a line of luggage that serves as its own luggage cart.

Idea born

This idea was born from the owner, Stu Berger, and his real-life struggles of travelling with his elderly and disabled mother-in-law.  He saw many flaws with the rolling luggage currently on the market and set out to make something better.


A new unique and multi-patented design that makes your luggage a lot easier to handle.  Luggage feels lighter and lets you stack luggage or other articles on top so there is no need for a separate luggage cart or handle.  You can now carry more than one piece of luggage at a time.

Digital testing

They performed a digital test through on an online survey reinforcing the proof of concept.  The demand is there, and now that need to bring the design to life, and they need the help of others.

This luggage

You do not have to support the weight of the luggage because it rests on the wide part, balanced on 4 wheels rather than 2 or 4 wheels on the short side.  You do not have to pick up the luggage to go up and down stairs or over a curb or bumpy road.  It is easier for kids, elderly or disables travellers to handle compared to standard luggage designs.

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