Oxford Walking Tour – A Date with Nature

A walk through countryside refreshes your mind and soul. Away from the hustle bustle of metropolitan cities; you can resort to the walks along the nature to recharge your batteries. And when it happens to be a beautiful Oxford countryside, desist from the never-ending chores and head into the lap of nature.

Oxford is known for its historic and exotic locations. Once you have taken time out to visit Oxford, it can easily be a day trip from London; go for a walking tour of the serene countryside. You may find so many self-guided walking tours or paid walking tours online. You will need a detailed map if you opt for a self-guided walking tour. Or you may hire services of walking tour guide. You will walk through the historical halls of universities, museums, churches and will be amazed at the architectural finesse. Through towers and spires, you can appreciate magnificent views of Oxford.

A walking tour of Oxford can be of a couple of hours or a daylong affair depending on the places you are intending to explore. Of course, if you plan to visit historic sites, enjoy a walk through a museum and stopping over to eat and drink; it will need at least a full day to cover Oxford on foot.

Interesting Places to Visit

Oxford Castle –

More than 1000 years old, Oxford castle serves as a Hotel now. Severely damaged in the English Civil War and used as a prison till 1996, Oxford Castle got converted into a hotel. The base of St. George’s Tower, well preserved can be visited.

The Museum of Oxford –

A walk through a pre-historic era, the museum carries original treasures and artifacts.

The Covered Market –

Opened on November 1, 1774; the present day covered market includes bakeries, greengrocers, sandwich stalls, flower shops. You will also find original Ben’s Cookies stall located there since 1884 and can buy world famous delicious cookies.

Christ Church –

Harry Potter film scenes were shot here.

  • Botanical Gardens
  • Magdalen College
  • University Church of St. Mary the Virgin
  • Carfax Tower

And many other historic sites to explore while on a Walking Tour Oxford.

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