Pacific Northwest Destinations For Pet Lovers

For RV rentals travelers in the Pacific Northwest region looking to travel with their pets, there are dozens of places all across the region that are perfect for this type of adventure. From urban hotspots where pets are more than welcomes to rural, majestic regions where both pet and owner will enjoy incredible outdoor experiences, there are so many pet lover friendly destinations in the Pacific Northwest that it can well be described as one of the top regions in the entire nation for traveling with pets. There are a number of top destinations throughout the region that are perfect for traveling with pets, so check these out and plan your trip with your pets shortly.


There are many cities throughout the US that are pet-friendly, but easily one of the tops in Seattle. There are a number of hotels in the immediate urban region that are fully welcoming for pets, and for those traveling by campervan, there are easily a dozen or more camps in the area that are welcoming of pets and that offer amenities such as pet grooming stations and dog parks where your animal can run free. Sometimes travelers balk at urban areas due to their reputation for not being pet-friendly, but Seattle is certainly not one of them. So if you’re looking to hit a city that both you and your pet will be perfectly comfortable in, don’t overlook Seattle.


If you thought Seattle was welcoming of pets, then wait until you roll into Portland. This small and hip city is one of the top spots in the country for traveling with pets. Most stores throughout the city are welcoming of pets. There are a number of hotels that are as well. This is not to mention the dozens of RV camps in the region that offer fantastic pet amenities and are known to be some of the most pet-friendly in the entire nation. If you’re looking for a truly fun and hip experience in one of the most up and coming cities in the nation where your pets will feel right at some, then Portland is certainly your place.

Puget Sound

Just outside Seattle, there are a number of islands on the Puget Sound that are perfect for travel with pets. There are many RV caps in this region, so make sure to do your research and find that one of the many camps that are accommodating to pets. There are so many parks for RV rentals that it may be overwhelming, but as long as you narrow them down to the ones that offer the best pet amenities and are more welcoming you will be fine in this region with your pets. Plus this is known as one of the most gorgeous and unique areas in the nation with many hiking trails and some truly unique forest regions that will be perfect for you and your pet to explore and enjoy.

Acadia National Park

If you and your pet enjoy long hikes in an epic territory of the kind you won’t find anywhere else in the world, then look no further than Acadia which has long been known as one of the best pet-friendly spots in the nation. There are a good number of RV parks in the immediate area that is accommodating to pets, including grooming stations and dog parks. This is pet traveling comfort in its highest form. During the days you can enjoy the trails and the sites with your pet at your side, and at night you can kick back amongst some of the most epic outdoor territories on the country at an RV park that is fully welcoming to your pets. It just doesn’t get any better than this for pet-friendly RV travel, so make sure to keep this one on your radar.

Rural Oregon

Oregon is about more than just Portland. There are many miles of truly epic wilderness and small town territory all throughout the Oregon countryside that offers some of the most unique and stunning territories on the west coast. There are wild rivers, stretches of deep forest, and even a number of mountain ranges to explore. You will instantly recognize this region from many photographs and postcards. Not only this, but there are lots of pet-friendly parks, hiking trails, and RV camps spread out across this vast territory that will make traveling with a pet a breeze.

There are few better places in the country for traveling with pets than the Pacific Northwest. With its hundreds of pet-friendly RV parks, lots of pet-friendly cities and towns, and some of the most stunning outdoor territory in the world, this is a territory that both you and your pet will enjoy. Find out why so many dozens of pet-loving travelers hit this territory in their RV rentals each year.

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