Plan Your Next Vacation to Mexico Their Transportation is New World Now

Mexico City is the largest populated city in the Western Hemisphere and the city has so much contrast– socioeconomic both bad and good, new and old, colonial and native, New World and European. This is a city offering an amazing number of parks, museums, ancient pyramids, touring acts, contemporary art, soccer, as well as food from any region of Mexico – all for only a fraction of the cost you would pay elsewhere. There is something in Mexico City for adults and kids both to enjoy.

Middle of the Americas

Mexico City is essentially the middle of the Americas – not far from any point. It is the perfect jumping off spot to explore all corners of the Republic of Mexico. From Mexico City, it is easy to take a “roundtrip flight” to any part in Mexico.

Travel by bus

Best of all is Mexico’s bus travel – ADO Bus services. It is easy, efficient, comfortable, and economical, and you will be able to get almost anywhere in Mexico. These buses have reclining seats as well as Spanish-dubbed gringo movies. These bus drivers wear suits and ties and many buses are also equipped with wi-fi. Depending on whether you want to travel first, second or third class, you will spend between $10-$50 USD to go any distance and catch the beauty of the mountains, farms, and coastline from a panoramic window.


Autobuses of the East, Inc.; is one of Mexico’s best bus companies. It was originally founded with only 6 buses in 1939 on the route from Mexico City to Veracruz. But in 1939 there was very little demand for transport, roads were dangerous, no terminals or repair shops. In the 1950s it added a route to Villahermosa. Today this bus services many of the larger cities as well as tourists’ spots in Mexico. And in Mexico City ADO serves most any place you want to go.

More tourists

This bus system is now bringing more tourists from almost anywhere to tour Mexico and Mexico City. So, if transportation is what has kept you from visiting Mexico and Mexico City – now you have no reason to not go. Start planning your next vacation to Mexico City now and take the entire family.

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