There is no doubt that honeymoon planning can be stressful. You need to choose the best location, what to wear during the few weeks that you will be honey-mooning, as well as come up with a comprehensive itinerary that will cater to both you and your partner’s interests. You will also need to devise an exhaustive budget that will adequately cater to all of the costs you are most likely going to encounter on your honeymoon including the cost of accommodation and return air tickets.

This is perhaps the most important holiday you will take as a couple. With this fact in mind, here are a few tips on how to plan effectively for the ultimate honeymoon.

a. Work as a team

The most important element in planning for the best honeymoon is to work as a team. Both of your interests need to be incorporated in the plan. Otherwise, if you leave one person to do all the planning for the honeymoon, the entire occasion will seem one-sided. In such an instance, one individual will have less fun than the other because their needs and interests are not being met.

b. Be unique with your itinerary

A major mistake that couples make when planning for their honeymoon is copying the itinerary of another couple’s honeymoon. The other couple might have had fun on their honeymoon, but it is a mistake to think that yours will have the same result. This is because we are all different, and what might be fun for one couple might be boring for you as a couple.

For instance, your friends might be the adventurous type and decided on a honeymoon filled with mountain climbing, daredevil aerial stunts, or deep sea diving. On the other hand, you and your partner are far from the adventurous type. You would rather spend your honeymoon being pampered beyond your wildest imaginations in famed luxury resorts such as Luxury hotel Jakarta. Plan a honeymoon where both of you will spend time doing the things you love and that will bring you two closer together.

Hence, when planning for the honeymoon, ensure to include activities that both of you will thoroughly enjoy, and not copy what your friends did on their honeymoon. Try to be as unique as possible with your itinerary as well as a honeymoon destination in order to create something truly memorable.

c. Budget accordingly

Some couples, owing to the financial pressures of weddings, take out some money from their honeymoon budgets to cater to the wedding costs. If you want the ultimate honeymoon, and desire to create memories that will last a lifetime, then please refrain from chipping away at your honeymoon budget. In addition, ensure that the money you have kept aside for your honeymoon should be adequate enough for the plans you are making. Keep adding into the amount you have kept aside until you have reached your goal.

Taking your honeymoon budget seriously can be the difference between having the honeymoon of your dreams and a less than memorable experience. Capture all possible costs of the honeymoon, and remember to add a little extra, just in case you meet with unexpected costs while on the trip. These hidden costs might include the likes of having to pay for airport transfers, visas, inoculations,  as well as tips for guides.

d. Rest before the honeymoon

According to most movies, the newlyweds leave their wedding ceremony and go straight to a romantic getaway. However, honeymoon experts recommend that you give yourself some time to relax after the wedding ceremony before jetting off to your honeymoon destination. The wedding can be quite exhausting, and in most instances, you might have had too much to drink. You will have a difficult time traveling under such strain. It is therefore advisable to wait for a few days before embarking on your honeymoon trip.

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