The Newest Social Media Site to Post All the Trips You Have Been On

You are probably asking what Worldee is – it is another social media site that is difficult to define a project this big. If we must so, we would say that Worldee is a modern-day Travellers’ Diary. When is meant by that? Your profile on this website is to showcase your trips. Typically it is used by families that travel a lot, businessmen who also travel a lot and those who are retirees and love to travel.

Your trips

You can clearly see the countries you have been too, how many times you have visited in a given country, how many trips have you done or how many pictures you have taken.

Photos of your trip

Your photos are the main part of Worldee. Photos are your window to the world and people do not travel anywhere without taking lots of pictures. But what happens to these pictures after your trip? You might post a few to Instagram or Facebook to show friend where we are right now. But then what?

What else could you do with these?

The photos stay in the feed, perhaps popping up every year from the memory pages. And there are not in order or system that categorizes them. What does a modern-day traveller do? It is very simple; we create a new trip at Worldee. The trips are categorized by countries. You know exactly when you were there, with whom and how many times. In each of these trips there are all the pictures mapped by the visited places. The trip also shows as a map, so the travellers know exactly even after some time, which route you take and what places did you visited. This trip is on a timeline and the photo is set on that timeline just where it was taken during the trip. Simply put: this website syncs the pictures with their time and location. You can also get more information here

Perfect presentation

Worldee is also perfect for a presentation of your trips. You just press the button that says “Slideshow” and easily show your trip to your friends, family or colleagues. Due to these three parameters – picture, time and place – your slideshow will make sense and the people who will be seeing it can take that trip with you as it really happened.

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