Potential Use of Ayahuasca

The word “Ayahuasca” has been quite prevalent and much heard in the 2021 era. It is because many people have finally started to have deep knowledge about this particular drug as it has become of great use for them. The most interested category of people in this type of substance is those from teenagers till their 40s or 50s. However, that does not mean that people of higher age do not consume it.

The Ayahuasca has proven to be a spiritual kind of drug which has fast healing tendencies. Initially, it was banned and illegal in many countries but then, as its clinical performance improved many people started to use it as a healer to their problems.

The particular drug is in the form of liquid and has to be drunk like it is water. As soon as it enters our body within a few minutes it tends to affect our mind and play games with it.

Many of the people in their ayahuasca experience Peru have told that the intake of such a divine drink made them know their spiritual side and inner-self accurately. Moreover, those who were under grief were able to come over it just after being under the influence of such a divine drink.

Moreover, it is a proven study that the Ayahuasca drug has made people move on and leave behind what had always held them back.

Let us look at some uses of Ayahuasca Drug –

  • Curing Depression – A few studies had shown that Ayahuasca can cure depression within 80-85 minutes of its intake. However, the after-effect might last up to 2-3 weeks.
  • Curing Prolonged and Severe Grief – Many studies have shown (Though unsure) that going on various retreats related to Ayahuasca has cured the long grief that people face after losing their loved ones or due to any other reason.
  • Curing of Alcohol Addiction.
  • Curing of Anxiety Disorders.
  • Curing of Insomnia.
  • Curing of Stress.
  • Curing of Suicidal Thoughts.

The Ayahuasca experience of many people has been mixed. Some have shown positive results of improvement while the others remained at the place they were at. However, the therapeutic potential of Ayahuasca is gradually showing its flying colors.

Precautions while consuming Ayahuasca

Certain precautions need to be taken while the consumption of the Ayahuasca drug.

  • The drug must not be taken with alcohol.
  • Pregnant women must avoid consuming such a substance.
  • People undergoing bipolar disorder must avoid the consumption of Ayahuasca as it might lead to severe maniac conditions.

It is suggested that you must know about your health before consuming any such drug. The Ayahuasca, however, has also proven to be positive in many cases.

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