Reasons to Visit Komodo Island

A trip to Indonesia would be incomplete without a visit to Komodo Island. You do not want to miss out on a chance to see the dreaded Komodo dragon up close and personal. Furthermore, you are in close proximity to one of only seven pink beaches in the world.

It is easy to easy to put the island on the back burner when there are more thrilling attractions such as Kuta and the Bali resorts. However, a trip to Komodo Island may give you even more thrills than the usual tourist destinations and party scenes.

One of over 17,000 islands that make up the Republic of Indonesia, Komodo Island home to approximately 2,000 locals. It also hosts a variety of animal and bird species which include the world-renowned Komodo dragon. The island is also part of the Komodo National Park.

Reasons to Visit the Island

Whenever you get the chance to experience something that is recorded in history, you must grab it. Komodo Island is listed as a World Heritage Site and also as one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. In a nutshell, Komodo Island is a marvel.

The Aesthetics

The island is a balm to the soul. You will gaze wide-eyed at:

  • Beautifully calm blue waters
  • Gorgeous sunrises and sunsets
  • Lovely mountains
  • The beautiful pink beach
  • The wildlife

It is a quiet getaway from bustling Bali but has within its calm interiors one beast that could turn the quiet island into a hive of activity. That is if you get too close to the dragon and have to run for your life!

Visitors spend days swimming and diving for a closer look at the beautiful varieties of sea life deep in the waters.

The Komodo Dragon

It is the largest lizard in the world. That alone is enough reason to wander out into the island to have a close up look at the beast. Visitors must have experienced rangers to guide them around the island and ensure they stay safe.

The dragon is not to be trifled with. You must not be fooled by the seeming calmness of a dragon dozing in the sun.

Different Hikes

The best way to experience the island and the dragons are by going on a hike. Hot days call for the shorter hike but if you happen to be there when it is cooler, you can opt for the long one. You will still have your rangers with you; one in front and another behind your team.

The hikes vary in length and challenges, therefore; you must seek to understand what you are signing up for. The rangers ensure that you understand how to behave around the dragons as you walk along and come across them.

The Komodo National Park

This is a protected conservation area. Therefore, visitors are required to pay a fee to gain access to Komodo Island. However, the national park is also a good reason to visit. Visitors often make the decision to kill two birds with one stone when they visit the island.

The Pink Beach

Anyone visiting Komodo Island must spend at least one day on the pink beach. Walking on the beach barefoot and sinking your toes into the soft pink sand is an experience you must have.  You can also just lie back and get a tan, go swimming in the sea or build a pink sand castle.

Being one of 7 pink beaches in the world, you want to take pictures for the memories and to show you were on an authentic pink beach.

What You Must Carry with You

The island can be exceedingly hot. Moreover, you will be doing a lot of walking.  The following are therefore a must-have:

  • Plenty of water to stay hydrated
  • Slather on some strong sunscreen to keep sunburn at bay
  • A hat
  • Shorts and a t-shirt to wear
  • Closed-in shoes with socks


Getting close to the terrifying Komodo dragon is quite thrilling as is the entire adventure. The beautiful pink beach and the absolutely delightful views should give you memories for days to come. If the idea of the dragons petrifies you, you can opt for snorkeling, diving and swimming in the clear waters of the sea.

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