Renting a Bike in Phuket is the Most Convenient Way to Explore the Island

Whenever you go on a vacation, you prefer enjoying the scenic beauty on the way. Since it is your first trip to a destination and you know that you wouldn’t be coming back, it is important to feel the nature. Say, for example, Phuket, which has dry weather from December up to March and wet season the remaining eight months. Thus, people enjoy the beauty and cool breeze of Phuket on bikes and scooters instead of a taxi that is covered on all sides.

You will find many tourists, riding a bike while enjoying the landscape and nature. This gives the benefit of knowing nature closely. Phuket is also known as a honeymoon destination thus, newlywed couples prefer enjoying their new life with a romantic ride on a bike. On every corner of the streets, you will find Phuket motorbike rental services. These bikes have a tank full of petrol but in case of emergencies, you’ll have to get it filled from your pocket.

Most of the shops provide these services –

  • Different size and design of scooters and motorbikes.
  • Instead of taxis, two-wheelers can be cheap and they are provided with two helmets and a tank full.
  • Don’t try your luck with those companies who ask for a passport as security. Always approach the ones who take cash as a security deposit.
  • Instead of getting stuck in taxis in traffic, you can pass those heavy vehicles if you’re on a bike.
  • Always understand their rules and regulations before leaving their store. This way they will educate you about all documents required while you’re on road.
  • Remember to take all kinds of paperwork that show you have paid cash as a rental.

Here are some basic documents that you would need before hiring a two wheeler –

  • A copy of passport and not original.
  • A driving license of the person driving.
  • Cash to deposit as security amount.

Bikes and scooters can be taken for the long-term and short-term trip. In both ways, you benefit solely. However, you also need to remember that these vehicles aren’t insured, this means if you crash it, then you have to get it repaired.

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