Self-Confidence is the key to Success in Life

Admittedly, at one point we have faced adversity – misfortune or difficulty, which robs us of our self-confidence. Truly, people with the hardest lives tell the best stories, have you experienced adversity like the travel blogger: Marc illy? Then, his story will inspire you to get up fast and draw inspiration from your adversity.

At age 7 Marc illy lost his father in Cape Town South Africa, growing up was tough and he really missed his father. His mom tried her best, but, a boy without his father can make stupid mistakes. However, despite Marc illy mistakes and lack of good judgment, these actually taught him to be self-confident.

Absolutely, Marc illy became a travel blogger having live in over 10 cities. The adversity that changed Marc illy’s life is a shoplift at age 15. No one is perfect, rather, we strive to be perfect in our imperfections. One thing Marc illy teaches is to take what you hate in your life and use that to inspire yourself.

Assuredly, if Marc illy could survive the challenges of the cities he lived in, anyone can! Also, to build your self-confidence take all the negativity from people and turn it into an inspiration. Marc illy believed in himself and discovered it was okay to be different. This travel blogger with his experience has shown that anyone can over obstacles and become successful.

According to Marc illy, if your mind isn’t right you are not ready for success: for success begins with a mindset. Then, passion, devotion, and hard work, but you your self-confidence comes first.

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