Some Things That You Should Not Miss Doing While in New Orleans

New Orleans in Louisiana is one of the most visited places in the US all around the year. The daily influx of tourists to the place has made it necessary for the New Orleans tourism industry to come up with many ways to keep the visitors entertained through their stay in the place. The result of this idea is food tours.

There are many things for you to do in New Orleans while enjoying your food tours New Orleans. Some are listed below.

  • Musical Stops

You will find many groups of musicians playing eclectic music throughout the day in streets. You can stop for a while and enjoy listening to some music that is strumming on the drums. If you enjoyed your time listening to the music of the street musicians, then you can show them your appreciation by tipping some money.

  • Crawfish Stops

Crawfish, or pronounced as Crayfish, is a freshwater crustacean that is preferred as the main ingredient in the dish of many people today. There are different kinds of dishes that are made using Crawfish such as boiled crawfish, crawfish pie, crawfish etouffee (a kind of spicy stew).

  • Farmers Market

Sunday morning is an excellent time for enjoying some fun time in the Crescent City Farmers Market. You will even get to enlighten your mind with some knowledge about the cuisines that are exclusive in New Orleans in the market if you are interested. All you have to do is book a New Orleans food tour that can schedule a trip to the market as per your free time.

  • Time in Besthoff Sculpture Garden

Besthoff Sculpture Garden, as the name says, is a garden that is famous for exhibiting some famous sculptures of the local artists in New Orleans. You can find the best guide to make the visit to the sculpture garden an educating one. All you have to do is click New Orleans food tours and find the ideal tour for you.

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