Take Your Pour over Coffee Guide When Camping

The best coffee at the campground is made in a special camping French press or camping coffee maker. That is what any pour over coffee guide says. The smell of coffee in the morning at a camping site smells as good as sun in the pine tree forest or the smell of fresh air of the ocean. Every lover of coffee will tell you that making good coffee is vital for a relaxing camping trip, so don’t suffer with instant coffee.

Coffee lover

Chances are; if you are a coffee lover, you will go to great measures in making the best cup whether you are backpacking, camping or at home. What is the best method of brewing coffee when camping? It depends on your coffee drinking preference and style.

Pour over coffee method

This method of making coffee is debatably the ‘cleanest’ way to make coffee. There is absolutely no filtrate left in the cup, since the water is not dripped and is not fully absorbed. 200-degree water is poured into the filter cone, stirred briefly, and only moments later the finished coffee has totally filtered into the cup. The very 1st time you try ‘pour over coffee’ you will be in for a surprise; it is bold yet with not a hint of residue.

MSR Mugmate coffee filter

This is the least expensive of the makers of camping coffee as well as the simplest. A pour over coffee guide will recommend this since it is small and light and makes good coffee one mug at a time. The reusable and personal-sized coffee filter sits into the mug. Simply tip the grinds in and pour hot boiling water over the top. Its weight less than an ounce and stores in your mug. And it is not going to make your backpack any heavier.

Must try it

If you have only drunk drip coffee all your life, you are missing out on the best coffee that is made. And it is perfect for a back packing or camping trip. And you can leave your instant coffee at home!

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