The Best Places for Shopping in Montenegro

Montenegro is not only a country with clean beaches and beautiful nature. It’s a real paradise for shopaholics of all kinds. The country is small and there are no huge shopping malls like in New York or Berlin but this place is famous for its small markets and shops.

Young girls can buy some new clothes; mothers have a good opportunity to buy children’s apparel, some people like ethnic souvenirs, national costumes, and musical instruments. All this stuff you can buy in Budva, Bar or Podgorica.

Shopping in Budva

If you want to find the most interesting markets with reasonable prices, you have to read our “Montenegro shopping guide”. We can give you some advice on purchases in this beautiful touristic town. If you are not an addicted shopper, you can satisfy all your requirements here.

The greatest amount of shops is concentrated near the Old Town. Here you can find some masterpieces of Italian couturiers, bags and shoes, silver and gold jewelry. There also are a lot of streets stands with clothes made in China or other Asian regions. In many shops, you can buy inexpensive perfumes of high quality.

This “Montenegro Shopping Guide” can’t be complete without information about discounts. There are 2 big sales periods in Montenegro:

  • winter discounts last from mid-January to early March;
  • summer discounts last all August and most of September.

During these periods prices are reduced by 30, 50 and even 70{e05b7d0b52d4f7e61c3898faef7e21653720464b1eb573a25bbbfb08735b5bcd}. Isn’t it a paradise?

Shopping in Bar

Bar compares favorably with other places of Montenegro because it is directly connected with the nearest neighbor Italy. Ferries bring here all sorts of luxuries from Ancona and Bari. There are the lowest prices and the latest fashion collections. You can buy shoes, clothes, leather goods, jewelry and the freshest seafood.

If you don’t need expensive Italian stuff, you have a good opportunity to get locally produced textile goods. Montenegrin knitwear is famous for its excellent quality, as well as eco-leather, which is a good substitute for genuine leather. In Bar, you can find an incredible number of outlets with sunglasses of all colors, shapes, and sizes.

Shopping in Podgorica

The last city in our “Montenegro Shopping Guide” is Podgorica. It is the capital of Montenegro, so there is an ocean of shopping malls, boutiques, and shops. If you prefer the first variant, you have to visit “Delta City”, “Palada” or “Mall of Montenegro”. Of course, there are a lot of small souvenir shops in Podgorica, where you can buy clothes, shoes and whatever.

The main advantages of Montenegro are low prices and high-quality products. Except for clothes and that kind of stuff, you can purchase food and vine. So, Montenegro is a paradise not only for shoppers but for gourmets too.

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