The Mahogany Bay Village Subdivision and What You Will See

Mahogany Bay Village Property is intended to be a place that draws its inspiration for the design from its Central American and Caribbean location. As the owner of a lot, you are encouraged to use certain guidelines to match the setting around you. Both landscape and architecture design needs to be one that is sensitive to your surrounding environment. The goal in the area is to present designs that are well thought out without causing any type of damage to the local setting. This leads to the creation of an amazing development that is:

  • Full of life
  • Lots of activity
  • As well as worry-free relaxing lifestyles

Mahogany Bay Village

Mahogany Bay Village is the major resort/hotel in Belize, and all these properties are in a gated community that has access both to the West and East coast. Mahogany Bay Village has a Hotel Hilton inside this luxurious subdivision. The Mahogany Bay Village area has 23 commercial businesses already up and running. Lots in this subdivision begin at $149,000 with various financing available. Mahogany Bay Village is a coastal living property and is a very well master-planned community.

Look at the Village

The appeal of this Village replicates a special architectural style that is found all over the Caribbean. While mainly small cottages, the homes in the Village will also incorporate the island dialect. This style places emphasis on characteristics such as:

  • The use of dormers
  • Open rafter tails
  • Roof overhangs
  • Deep porches
  • Raised foundations
  • Pitched roofs

All these elements when added with the use of appropriate materials offer a natural transaction from the inside home to the outdoors. Designs are all simple and that includes:

  • Suitable scale
  • Attention to all details
  • Proportion
  • Quality materials are a preference

Other styles that do not fall under this category are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.


There are many real estate agents that will be happy to help you find your retirement home in this beautiful part of the world.

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