The Small Colorado Town That Has Lots of Tourists and Visitors

There are 420 motels in Trinidad Colorado. That is a lot of rooms for a town with such a small population. It is located on the main North highway coming from New Mexico. Colorado also passed the use of recreational and medical marijuana and Trinidad has a lot of stores selling both, and this is close to the Colorado and New Mexico border if traveling on I-25 North. They also have RV camping in Trinidad, Colorado for those who travel Colorado with the entire family in an RV. So, Trinidad might be small but there is plenty to do.


There are several landmarks that are within walking distance of most of the motels. These include:

Southern Colorado Repertory Theatre

This provides all Southern Colorado with professional premier theatre with musicals, plays, and other live events. With a professional repertory company that is world-class, and a strong community theatre partnership located in the downtown Trinidad “Creative District” SCRT and the strong community partnership is a welcoming home for the creative arts.

Trinidad History Museum

You can explore Trinidad’s past as well as its place in the American West at the Trinidad History Museum. This museum features many attractions on one block in Trinidad’s much-admired historic district.

The Legend of the Shrine to Mary

In 1908 a Trinidad doctor was exiting Mount San Rafael Hospital, after working all night. It was dawn, and a snowstorm was in progress, but he was resolute to make it home. He noted a light flickering on the hill directly behind the hospital. At first, he paid little attention, believing the snow flurries were developing an illusion. Then the prospect that there was someone hurt or stranded seized his attention. Even at the early morning hour and in the middle of a snowstorm, the doctor climbed the hill where the light initiated. The ground was frozen, and the slope was steep making the climb dangerous in his quest to reach the small clearing.

The Clearing

When reaching the clearing, he was mesmerized at seeing a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a lit candle dancing at its base. Awed by this vision of such a beautiful statue, he reached out to touch its hand that was outstretched while calling to see if anyone was in need. Then the statue disappeared into thin air

Early settlers

The new settlers created a small shrine of lave rock from where Our Lady was placed, and the faithful made pilgrimages daily to pray to God through her. The faithful are still making pilgrimages even today.

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