The Smartest Opportunities for the Cancun to Tulum transfer

We can, therefore, say that, after flights and hotels, the most important service for the success of an organized holiday entirely “do it yourself” via the Internet is certainly the rental of a car that allows you to move freely.

If you are two, the smaller one you find is generally fine, especially if you are in a seaside resort: it will be cheaper and you will have fewer parking problems. If you travel with your family or in two couples, consider larger cars, directly a station wagon since with the suitcases you will need a lot of space. For Transportation from Cancun to Tulum this is important now.

  • Also, when you receive the car, look for it thoroughly for scratches, dents and other damage so that you will not be held liable for any damage that was on the car when you received it. Take any picture of the damage and have the landlord take note of the damage.
  • Also, check that there is the safety equipment in the car that is required in the country.
  • Also, check that there is the safety equipment in the car that is required in the country. Eg. warning triangle and safety vests if required.

If you get a wrong car

If you get a smaller car than you ordered, or it does not have the equipment you have requested, ask for another car or ask for a reduction in the price. Do not accept a car that is inferior to what you ordered and paid for.

Conversely, do not pay extra for the car if the rental company upgrades you because there are no more cars left in the class that you have booked.

When you drop off the car

Get the landlord to document that the car is in order and if there is a problem, get documented what the problem is. That way you avoid getting a boring surprise about an injury or other situation when you get home from vacation. With the smart and perfect Car Rental Cancun by City Car Rental you can expect the best.

If you arrive late at night, early in the morning, on a Sunday or public holiday, you can risk that there is no one to hand in, and you simply have to park your car and put keys through a letterbox.

In such a situation, it is a good idea to take pictures of the car from the front, the rear and from each side to document that there was no damage at the time of delivery. That way, you can make sure the landlord subsequently unjustifiably claims that you have sustained damage to the car.

Amounts can be deducted from your card

Please note that if you have submitted credit information and your signature on the lease, you also sign that any claims related to the rent can be deducted from your account. Eg. if you caused an injury that is not covered by the insurance, or if you forgot to fill up the tank and that was part of the rental agreement.

However, you can object to an unjustified withdrawal from the card issuer (for example, your bank) who may then decline the payment.


One of the most important aspects of a holiday is undoubtedly the ability to move. Obviously we are talking about travel by plane or bus, where it is not possible to have your car available for excursions. If you plan to take a holiday in a resort (i.e. to stay always in a structure), the problem does not arise, if instead, you like to visit the country where you are on vacation, the ideal solution is car rental.

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