The Taj Mahal – A Building Dedicated To Love

The Taj Mahal is a praised sepulcher complex in Agra that is a piece of India’s eminent Golden Triangle and one of the world’s most excellent basic structures. Travel easy offers shoddy household air tickets, enabling you t a movement to Agra and visit this stunning structural ponder. The Taj Mahal is gone to by a large number of sightseers consistently, and it’s frequently included in a considerable lot of the ‘world’s best structures’ rundowns – well, we felt that this notable landmark merited its very own article.

History and Background

The Taj Mahal has a genuine backstory that started with Shah Jahan, an individual from the Mughal administration. Jahan met Arjumand Banu Begum in 1607, began to look all starry eyed at first sight and wedded her in 1612. In 1628 Jahan progressed toward becoming sovereign of Agra and introduced Begum, his most loved spouse with the title of Mumtaz Mahal, signifying ‘Gem of the Palace’. In 1631 his cherished spouse passed on, and on her demise bed, Shah Jahan guaranteed that he would manufacture the world’s most radiant complex in memory of her, opposite his illustrious castle. So the development of the Taj Mahal started in 1632 and proceeded for the following two decades with the assistance of 20,000 specialists. At the point when Jahan passed on in 1666, he was set in a tomb alongside Mahal inside the sepulcher. The fascination was assigned as an UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983 is still right up ’til the present time a living image of affection.


The Taj Mahal is one of the world’s most exceptional cases of Mughal design which consolidates Persian, Indian and Islamic impacts. It’s a symmetrically culminate building, and the focal point of the landmark is the tomb structure which was built altogether from white marble and decorated with semi-valuable stones. Flanking the Taj Mahal are two symmetrically indistinguishable landmarks that are both worked of red sandstone, differentiating in shading and surface with the sepulcher. Inside the Taj Mahal is an octagonal chamber which is embellished with a plenty of carvings; this contains the cenotaphs of Mumtaz Mahal and Shah Jahan. The Taj Mahal’s square garden is partitioned into four red sandstone pathways and it contains a choice of long pools, wellsprings and fancy trees.

Arranging Your Visit

The Taj Mahal is open 6 days seven days, from dawn to nightfall and it’s shut on Fridays for petitions. It’s additionally open for moonlight viewings between 8.30pm to 12.30am, two days when each full moon. The notable building is a year-round fascination so it’s very swarmed more often than not. The individuals who might want a more elite visit ought to land at sunrise to encounter less group and witness the amazing sun ascend over the landmark. The Taj Mahal encounters a captivating shading change contingent upon the bay window, so it may even be worth going by more than once to see the working from another point of view.

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