Things to know when you start surfing

When you start surfing, make sure that you know the process so that you can have more fun while you surf across the water. Being a beginner or intermediate surfer, there are a few things you should be aware of once you start surfing.

1. Learning curve –

Surfing is indeed one of the most complicated and difficult sports in the world. It is not like playing on a levelled playground but rather on the waves and not even one wave is the same. Waves are constantly getting affected by tides, swell and wind and thus each and every day the surfing would be different. Though it is a very challenging process, it is equally enjoyable. Once you get the hang of the sport, you would be hooked on it for life. You also need to know the learning curve which would help you to prepare your expectations towards surfing.

2. The surfboard –

You need the right equipment if you want to perform well in any sport. And the similar is the case with surfing. You need to get the right surfboard from the surf shop as it will change your experience completely. You don’t need to have a brand-new model of surfboard every time you go surfing but then you need to have the one which has the right volume of floatation. There are varieties of surfboards available such as thick, wide, long, and some even have a flat rocker.

3. Choose the appropriate surf spot –

Choosing the right kind of surfing spot is extremely important. But it is also very confusing as on some days some spots may seem to be perfect to learn while on other day’s they may be good only for experts. It usually depends on the conditions of the waves. Doing some research and homework will always go a long way. Get in touch with locals and let them teach you how to find the perfect surf spot depending on your expertise level.

4. Learn surf ethics and basic techniques –

If you are surfing for the first time, let the locals show you some of the basic techniques and also surf ethics. These are very important.

It is strongly recommended that you to ask for advice in a surf shop which is locally owned and operated. It is important to the economy and also you would get the best way from people who would know a lot about their area.

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