Tips for the Trip to Hong Kong

– It is true that in Hong Kong the English heritage is very strong and its influence is noticeable in all aspects of society, but it should not be assumed that the entire population speaks English. In the main shops, hotels, hostels, restaurants and with the middle and middle/upper class there will be no problem communicating in English, but it may be that when dealing with other people, they only speak Cantonese Chinese. Especially difficult can be communication with taxi drivers. It is a good idea to take a notebook or paper and pencil to write the addresses to or, if someone can write the destination address in Chinese characters, even better.

– Watch out for the weather in the summer. In this season, the humidity and heat can be very intense and it is not uncommon for there to be strong storms, so it never hurts to carry a raincoat in your suitcase or, at least, have enough clothes to change after a heavy downpour. Although in summer it combines with heat and its influence is extreme, the humidity level is very high throughout the year.

– There is a very unhealthy habit of putting air conditioning in public places with a lot of power during the hot months. This leads to going from extreme heat to cold situations in a matter of a few seconds, with the risk of colds that this entails. Stores, office buildings, shopping malls or even subway cars are not spared from this trend. It may seem like an exaggerated recommendation to have to wear something long-sleeved when the outside temperature is above 35 degrees, but it really doesn’t hurt to keep something tucked away to protect yourself from the infamous air conditioning.

– In Hong Kong, there are some activities that perhaps do not fall within the most frequent for tourists, but those who have passed through them strongly recommend. On the one hand, if you have the opportunity, attend night horse races, where a lot of money is moved in betting and part of the local high society gathers. On the other hand, massage parlors are also highly recommended (in the good sense of the term, it is understood).

– When preparing any trip outside flight time to Tokyo from Hong Kong, it is necessary to know very well if we need a visa to the destination we are going to and, in that case, what type of visa we have. In the case of arriving from the People’s Republic of China and wanting to return to this country, it is absolutely necessary to have a multiple entry visa or, if not, it will be necessary to buy another visa. To visit Shenzhen there is a special visa valid for this area, but it is better to make sure before since the legislation in this regard and the conditions are changing. To travel to Macao, a passport is enough.

– To those who have Macao and Hong Kong as stopovers on their trip, it is recommended that the currency exchange for these two destinations is always made in Hong Kong Dollars, since they are legal tender in Macao, while the Macao Patacas do not they are allowed in Hong Kong shops. The exchange rate of the Dollar and the Pataca is practically identical –although it is usually slightly favorable to the Dollar, for all payments in Macao one Pataca is equal to one Dollar.

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