Tips to Survive and Enjoy Long Road RV Trips

Investment in an RV is for those who adore spending a lot of time on the road. RV owners make sure that their vehicle is always in tune and ready to go out on weekends. Besides, they even ensure to protect their next best asset, so it lasts long.

Check out cool car accessories to find the best RV covers, which can help you offer the vehicle ultimate protection as you may not have a garage to park it inside. You get to select from types of covers including tire cover, dashboard cover, and windshield cover. Make sure to buy a cover that is compatible with your RV, custom fit and good quality.

Planning long road trips in an RV is enjoyable. The whole family can go and even enjoy all the home comforts on the road. You can choose plenty of camping destinations. However, travel days and long drives can be very tiresome. Below are some tips to help you survive long road trips, enjoy the drive and reach safely to your destination.

Safety first

  • Check tires and inspect the RV from all sides prior to leaving.
  • Pack roadside emergency tool-kit.
  • Leave route information, estimated arrival time as well as anything related to travel plans with your loved or near ones.
  • Always keep in touch with them keeping them informed where you are and changes in the plan if any.
  • As you drive cell phone services get lost, so if something happens someone will certainly send help, if they are aware of your route.

Carry pure water and healthy snacks

Junk food makes your journey enjoyable and even helps to pass the time. Fast food is readily available on the road. Such food cannot be totally enjoyed. Carry some healthy snack options. Keep yourself hydrated drinking lots of water.

Stop and stretch out of the RV every two hours

You may need to reach the destination at a specific time, so it is hard to stop every 2 to 3 hours. You also don’t wish to push yourself. Which can cause exhaustion and burnout? Take a break, step out breathe fresh air and get recharged as much as possible.

Take driving shifts, if possible. Driving is not a lot of work but can dampen your spirits more quickly than you comprehend. You don’t desire to lose concentration or fall asleep while driving.

Walk around a little during the break

Run and walk the moment you get a chance, while on long road trips, especially when 2 to 3 or more days are involved. Movements and stretches can avoid body soreness, stiffness or cramping.

You don’t wish to show up at the vacation destination with body ache and unable to totally enjoy the planned activities. Moving around can allow you to get energized and stay alert!

Never forget to enjoy the detours and sites, get down capture pictures to make a trip memorable. The vacation started when you entered the RV and not the moment you reached the vacation destination.

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